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Trying to implement interesting choices/combos in a deck builder

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I'm currently working on a game "Command Strike". The game is a deckbuilder at heart with base building and card battling as well.

The player starts with the standard deck of simple economy cards and a couple of power ups. The economy cards can be used to purchase better economy cards, buildings, and units. The units and economy cards go into the discard pile when purchased, while the base cards are immediately played sideways to indicate they are under construction (one turn). The buildings are required to build their corresponding unit types in, building a unit also takes one turn (infantry must be built in barracks etc). Once units are built they advance towards the other player's base in rows (the "battlefield") in which they will engage with enemy units or attack the opposing base.

I really like the overall framework of the game so far although I'm currently struggling to create enough meaningful decisions in the card purchasing and card playing. My hunch is that I need more card variations and card comboing but I'm not sure where the best place to add them in is? All of my purchaseable cards are currently set markets similar to dominion, but maybe I need one of the markets to be random cards similar to ascension/star realms?

I'd love to hear any input on ideas of how to make this game really sing!

Here is an image of the market to get a picture of what I'm currently working with.

Some considerations I've had...
-units have combos with other unit types. So an Infantry unit might give an attack bonus to a mechanized unit if they're deployed at the same time.
-the economy market might have unique cards that combo with unit types and the draw stack is per card cost so a unique deck for the 3-4 cost, 5-6 cost etc

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