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War: the card game

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war the card game:

i'm trying to make it a little more interesting...

have two decks of cards

take out all the face cards (I'm not sure at this point whether or not i want Jokers in the game) leave in the aces. so you have ace-10 aces being 1. the four suits of Jack Queen and King are your 3 different kinds of special abilities for a total of 12 face cards that are tapped used then discarded in the game.

Jacks: reverse strength: 10's become 1's and 1's become 10's etc...

Queen: look at X number of card(s) off the top of your deck and put them back the way you want them.

King: declare war if the cards don't match. (i.e. i have a 2 you have a 10 i'm getting lower on cards so i declare war by tapping the king and maybe i'm still in this.

Joker ???

Unsure of what to do with the 2 Jokers but i was wondering since there's only two of them per deck and per side why not just make them have more oomph like a thief ability

just thinking. i'd like to hear what you all think and hear ideas you have about mechanics in something like this.

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From my pointy of view the

From my pointy of view the main problem with a game like War is the lack of useful decision making.

If my only action is to draw a card at random and apply it the values or effects of the cards don’t matter. a machine could do it for me with the same outcome.

To make War a game worth playing you need to give the players options that affect the outcome in a semi predictable manner.

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I believe "Strategic War"

I believe "Strategic War" splits the deck evenly between the two players, who treat the entire 26 cards as a hand from which to choose their play each turn.

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I like where you're headed

I like where you're headed with that. You're leaving-in the random-card-from-deck aspect, but giving the players a way to reacte to what they have popping-up by using the special abilities.

btw, here's my attempt at making "War" a bit more interesting ... I call it "Trench" ...


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