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Way to clean up this bag-of-cubes system?

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I just had some great playtests of a city-builder I'm making, but there's one particularly finnicky part of the game I'd like to smooth out.

Each turn, the active player chooses from 3 separate stacks, each containing 4 resource cubes. After they take the 4 cubes of their choice, 4 new cubes are taken from a bag of ~100 cubes and put in its place. The finnicky part is that because the game plays pretty quickly, there's always SOMEONE who has to refill the cubes every 10-15 seconds.

In a 3-4 player game, it makes sense to have the person going NEXT to hold the bag so that they are in charge of putting out the next option that they themselves will see, then passing the bag to the left. I only thought of this solution this morning, haven't tested it yet.

Thoughts on how to keep the pace up? Thanks!!

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refill at the start of the round instead?

I wonder if the cube stacks can just be refilled at the beginning of the round, instead of after each player's turn? Both Azul and Sagrada work sort of like this, with one player refilling the supply of tiles and dice at the start of the new round. The nice thing about this is someone isn't having to constantly refill the supply. The drawback is, you may need to add a rule for rotating the turn order to make it fair, so that one player isn't always getting to pick first, plus maybe some other minor rule changes.

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Refill when run out/potion explosion

I think that twoeyedcyclops has a good idea.

You also just make a group of ~25 stacks at the start of the game. Then allow players to only pick from the right most three. When this group of stacks runs out rebuild a new group of stacks with the currently available cubes.

If you can use marbles instead of cubes, a more exotic solution would be to use something like the marble seperater* from potion explosion.

* not sure of the actual name of this thing but you get the idea

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