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The weakest of them all

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The weakest of them all,
in skilled hands,
against skilled hands.

It just sits there.
It can be used as a wooden fence, yet, is a bit more expensive. Like 200% the costs.
It can "shoot" at the enemy. But since it is barbed wire. The damage is minimal.
And the range is... 0.

How does it function?
It... just... sits... there...
It... can... be... ignored...

X3M wrote:

The discussion is about Barbed Wire.

This regards a war game (just like ASL or memmoir'44)
Time to upgrade the game.

With every aspect of a game, I think; "how does a player think?"
And lately I had my worries about the barbed wire,
confirmed. More over, mines have the same problem, but less. But no doubt, they are next to be discarded.

Players dislike using barbed wire. I too dislike using them, until I have no other option left to place.

They have their use; but why are they the last choice?
Just like how mines are used in disencouraging players to move into your base. So would the Barbed Wire.

Mines are "great!" if given the chance.
Barbed wire, errrr, not so much.

I am going to describe every gaming difference between the barbed wire and the mines. To begin with, know that they are supposed to have very much the same function, except for some minor details:
Stopping enemies from moving in!

Perhaps some one has a solution for me in improving the barbed wire, once every difference is described.

But nontheless, my own solution options are behind the ***. Open for discussion.

I also focus mainly on my anti infantry mine. Since the barbed wire and this mine both have the same costs and goals.

An the most inlogical side note:
They only do damage when you have Action Points (AP) left.
But then again, let us pretend that the enemy is fast enough in noticing the danger, and dodges.

- $ 60
- maximum allowed = 60
- range 0.
- with 0 range, 100% effect on moving targets.
- lightest armor type.
- lightest durability.
- lightest damage type.
- cannot move, only 1 AP tactics are possible. Meaning if a player has 0 AP left that round, they are defenceless and loose function.

Anti Infantry Mines:
- 300% damage (1 can kill 1 infantry unit)
- suicide; thus refund $10 each after usage.
- if killed by the enemy; no refund (Duhhh..!)
- underground unit, above 100% space, if used, 100% effect.
- 0 AP left? No use for this one.
- +1 range rule applies only when the adjacent region is sufficient filled with mines. This is your own job to furfill.
- can only be removed by special minesweepers.

Barbed wire:
- 100% damage.
- no suicide, no refund.
- above unit, space is reduced once placed, less % effect since enemy can only send through a bit.
- Remains a blocker, even if AP reaches 0.
- also blocks own units, not really a gate keeper.
- can be shot by most weapons.
- can be crushed by some heavy tanks.
- can block projectiles, thus gives cover to own units. But, for blocking, I suggest using the wooden fences.
- + 1 range rule is applied when the adjacent region is sufficient filled. Although, this has to be enemy material for counter effect. And they might not(actually defiately will not) be using 100% space.


Now, how to tackle this?

Let's start with the +1 range rule.

This rule was implemented since I like using 0 ranged units in my games. Melee, who doesn't like them?

However, these units always had to move into an enemy region before they could start firing. Thus the rule: +1 range if the unit cannot move into the enemy region.

This is mostly size based. Thus bigger units have a higher chance in getting this bonus. In addition, every other unit can have this +1 range rule even if they have more range. As a counter, higher ranged units always had to wait their turn in a simultainiously battle. Meaning that if you have range 2+1 and the enemy had 3 to begin with. You both fire at the same time.

You cannot have this bonus if the enemy is in range. So there is no abusement either.
Event cards however can give +1 range temporary or permanent. Even if the unit is melee. Imagine a piece of barbed wire hurting an infantry unit that is 200 meters away :). And yes, these event cards can also be abused.

+1 range effect.
Mines need other mines in adjacent regions. For this effect. And since the price is so low. You need a region to be 100% filled, underground. In most cases, you have to do this yourself. Unless you have an ally that does the same.
Barbed wire "moves" above ground. Thus if the adjacent region is completely filled with anything. The enemy can be "fired" upon.

3 Possible solutions for adjusting this +1 range rule:

--> Perhaps applying the +1 range rule only on where they could fire? Not where they could move into? Meaning that the rule is based on projectile movement, not the movement of the unit itself. (This would be a bonus for mines, but also ground to air units, not for the barbed wire)

--> Perhaps applying the rule as well if the unit itself cannot move? (Now mines and barbed wire always has the +1 rule, just like any other defence structure that can fire. This too can also be applied to ground to air units)

--> Perhaps applying the +1 range rule to only a part of your region. Meaning that if you have 60 barbed wire, and 10 could move into the enemy region. Than you have 50 barbed wire that cannot. These 50 will now have the +1 range rule. The player that shoots can decide upon which units get the bonus.

What do you think?
One of these adjustments? Or a combination of some or all of them?

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