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What published games are similar to this???

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Looking for published games similar to what I am working on. Personally, I have never played a game similar to this so I am lacking a knowledge foundation of what mechanics(ingredients) might combine well in this game(recipe) and which do not.

Below is a description.

Imagine a board that is a top-down view of a boxing ring, overlaid with a square gridwork. Both players have a large cardboard standing of their Luchador character with health track along the edges. Their wrestlers are represented by a large custom die. This die has numbers on each side that represent a different move, each with different attack values. The die traverses a (?) determined number of squares the ring gridwork by rolling over its edge to move forward/backward and sideways until it come to a position that is immediately adjacent to opponents die, at which point the face-up side of the attacker's die indicate which move is to be used, thus the attack/damage value that is compared to the opponent's current defense value. The opponent's character's health track is adjusted accordingly. I'm thinking to use a yahtzee style dice rolling mechanism similar to Ysphahan to assign attack values to the different moves (which are determined by the bid die/avatar on the board) and for defense.

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That's a pretty sweet

That's a pretty sweet mechanic. I don't think I've heard of it before.

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Why yes... I've seen this...

Except mine is slightly different insofar as I have two colors and three shapes to my dice and I'm just a point racer. basically, you have 6 movement points on your turn. When on top of a dice, you move it like you were riding a ball. Or, if adjacent to a block (die), spend all 6 movement points to slide it one space over. If you "run over" an opponent, they lose a point.

Match four (video shows 3) in a row to clear dice. All the same color is one point, all the same shape is 2 points, all the same color and shape is 4 points.

Of course both you and I aren't as completely original as we think as the mechanic was inspired by a Playstation puzzle game known as Devil Dice (sequel on PS2 is referred to as Bombastic).

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Just Dice

I released a somewhat similar game on XBLIG (which is probably no longer available) called Just Dice. It used a small chess-boad like layout with 5 dice spaced out one each side of the board (5 black vs 5 white). On each turn a player rolls a die (from one side to the next as they roll from one grid square to the next) twice. When two dice end up side by side, the smaller numbered die is removed from the board. Fives and sixes are naturally quite powerful under these rules, so to help balance out the smaller numbers: threes and fours have ranged attacks (like a horse in chess). Dice that land twos up, get another move (two more rolls). And ones are the only sides that can defeat sixes.

I really enjoyed this game, but it does take a while to get used to anticipating what actions will be available to you when you move to each neighboring square. The XBox version benefited from displaying all of the potential moves for each highlighted die.

And luchadors sounds like a much better theme :). Good luck, I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

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