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What's your opinion on this card play mechanic?

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Hey guys! Excuse me my poor english :)

I tried to make my current project similar to a simplified version of chess, with 3 different pieces, and basic rules. However, players can use "trump" cards to change the basic set of rules and manipulate piece/board interaction. The game uses an Action Points system (moving and attacking pieces cost AP, and each card is associated with an AP cost too).

It works like so:
>> At the beggining of them game "Trump" card deck is shuffled (around 40 cards?)
>> Each player draws a card, which will be their first trump card (face up) // random advantage
>> Each player draws 3 cards, choosing 1 for themselves (face down)
>> Each player draws 2 cards, choosing 1 to be their oponents trump card (face up at the same time)
// trying to choose cards that do not synergize well, "sabotaging" your opponent, getting rid of problematic cards for your strategy

There is no way to draw additional cards. So, every game 12 "trump" cards are used. The feel I was trying to capture was "working with what you get and making the right choices".

I have the feeling this could go very wrong, but I can't really "see" the reason why. What do you think?

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A good idea - but...

I really like this idea.

Sounds like it would really mix up each game as there are lots of different variables.

I would make 2 comments:
First of all, I don't know if 40 is too many.
As 12 cards, are being used, you could probably get away with 24 trump cards, so half of them are used each time?

The other comment is that you would need to design it such that the cards CAN be used to sabotage a game, but such that players can never draw a set of cards which oppose each other so much that the game is dead.

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Good Point

Because the basic ruleset is so simple, I'm thinking that maybe there shoudln't be "sabotage" cards at all. "Trump" cards work by giving players a perk, or by enabling opponets doing something for a turn of 2 (having a sabotage feel).

I had a "ban" mechanic, being able to choose which card your opponent won't be able to play, but now I'll have to rethink this.

Thank you for your reply :)

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