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Which is simpler: Game cards as board or M:TG style?

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Hello again,

I thank the members who gave me great ideas for my Zombie Card Game. So far I have been writing down the rules as well as coming up with card ideas. However, I have seem to come accross a dilemma in the mechanics.

My original ideas for the rules was inspired by Mark Chaplin's "Aliens: This Time it's War" card game. I wanted to create a game that had little-to-no reliance on luck, based mostly on strategy, and had MTG-like mechanics. When I posted these y ideas on the forum, I recieved great feedback from a few members. The problem was, the replies somewhat gave me another idea, to go a different route.

I ended up writing down about half the rules and 40% of the cards down, based off mechaincs from both the Star Trek TNG CCG and the Aliens/Predator CCG. These games involve having locations in play that characters move around to, completing missions (ST) and killing enemies (ST and A/P). However, the more I work on this idea, the more I stray from my original concept of a simple, yet stratigical, zombie game.

So, which is simpler (and more convienentfor this type of game) - Star Trek/AvP CCG style or Aliens:TTIW/M:TG style?

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Without answering your

Without answering your question, I'd advise you to first type up some kinds of clearly defined goals with your project that explain _what_ you want to accomplish with your game and why you create it.

Once you do that in a detailed enough level it is easier to focus and not straying. Then it should also be easier to decide which systems and mechanics are most fit for it, at least if you wrote the design goals of the game in a functional way.

I know it's tempting to jump back and forth between projects, ideas and so on, but in the end it (for most people) accomplishes nothing. Set your mind on one project and one path only, and explore it fully to the best of your ability, before abandoning it or discarding it.

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I think you solved my problem(s) with the game...

Well, although I did have clear goals set in my head, I never actually wrote them down. This was mainly my biggest problem.

My goals are to create a zombie card game that is somewhat fast, fun, simple, and stragical.
By "somewhat fast", I mean that the game does not stall and can be played in about 30 minutes - 1 hour
By "fun", well, that's obvious. It needs to be entertaining and sticks to the theme of a Zombie Apocalypse
By "Simple", I mean that it can be fun to non-gamers also.
By "strategical", I mean it needs to have very little reliance on luck, with the exception of the "luck of the draw" (as all card games usually do).
I am creating this game so somewhat non-gamers or new gamers can enjoy a zombie game without having to be overwhelmed by the randomness and the complex rules.

I also believe that you are completely right, changing ideas is not a good thing. When I was writing the rules to my original game (which I have now changed for the better), I knew something was missing. The A/P system seemed to fit the "Strategical" and (mostly) "Fun" goals, but not the others, which were important to my major audiance (non-gamers). So, I decided to change the rules (especialy after I asked my non-gamer brother which mechanic would he like better, and if he agreed with my goals.) So, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think I did the right thing and changed my game mechanics to better suit my goals in mind.

Thank you very much for letting me "see the light!" Sorry about the long post.

Note: If I should elaborate on my goals, I will, I have other goals in mind as I write the rules.

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