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which way to go?

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My cooperative game's victory condition centers around winning 7 out of 13 battles. I would like to have "rounds" where a certain number of battles are fought and then you move to the next round. The battles can be broken out in the game a couple different ways--by year or by "theatre" (Northern, Middle, Southern) and I am interested in hearing which way you think sounds best.

1) Break out battles by year. Basically, either fight 3 battles in each of 4 rounds, or fight 4 battles in 3 rounds.

2) Break out the battles by theatre. Fight 4 battles in the Northern Theatre, fight 4 in the Middle Theatre, and then fight 4 in the Southern Theatre. The one downside is that there are not an equal number of battles in the Northern theatre vs the Middle and Southern theatres.

3) Just fight the battles, regardless of their "theatre" location. Do not use rounds (which I was going to call years). Just fight the battles until 7 are won or lost.

4) Any other ways you can think of?

Thanks in advance for the ideas.

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I once used the theatre that

I once used the theatre that you mentioned. Option 2. But I dislike that option. In games where you need to "conquer" a theatre. It leads to impasse or on logical results. Unless you have found a way around it.

Option 3 sounds best at first, but sounds boring and is a last option, right?

Option 1, modified?
Unless you really want years with seasons. Perhaps 8 out of 15 instead of 7 out of 13. Where you have 5 years with 3 seasons.

If you are still going for option 2. Then too using 8 out of 15 would be better. 3 theatres with 5 battles, or 5 theatres with 3 battles.


Option "4"
Two times One season/theatre in favour for one player.
The mid-season/mid-theatre in no favour for any player.
With that, a good player relatively remains the same.
But a bad player still has some victories too.
With a good mix, and a random result. The good player has about a double amount of victories in general.
When the players know which player is worst, that player should get the advantage round first. In that case, that player will have a better feeling to begin with. (less hopelessness)

I hope this helped.

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