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Worker Placement with Variable Player Powers

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Hello guys,

I am working on a new card game that uses the worker placement mechanic and I try to introduce some kind of variable player powers.

In the game there are 4 different dragon types: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind Dragons. Dragons have to pay food in order to move into an action space and to gain more food, knowledge, magic or wisdom.

In order to introduce the variable player powers I use the following food production area cards: Plain, Lake Volcano, Mountain. All these cards are drawn by all players by a common pile of cards and are placed on the board. However, I was thinking each area to give an extra bonus to a specific type of dragons, but I have also to persuit the players of the other dragon types to place an opponent food production area.

One solution I have found is that each area produces less food during the course of the game for a dragon type but gibes to that type some VPs at the end of the game. However, that is not thematic at all. For example the Fire dragons inhabit in the volcanoes. Why do the volcanoes produce less food for them?

Do you have any other, more thematic ideas, for using those different food production areas in a asymmetric way in the game?

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Any ideas

Any ideas?

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Of course, their preferred

Of course, their preferred environment should produce MORE food, not less. After all, that's why that's their preferred environment. You can justify a dragon getting extra victory points when outside his preferred environment, since a dragon gets more "honor" by facing the extra challenge. (I'm makin' this up as I go.)

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Don't know about the details.

Don't know about the details. But what about the following idea? The area of preference, suddenly produces less food. The dragon has to come up with a solution.

The Volcano starts sleeping. Less lava to eat. The Dragon has to start digging into the sleeping volcano. With a certain risk intended.

A lake starts drying up. The Dragon has to start gathering clouds for rain. Or once again, dig down. Maybe a nearby river dried up. Lets see upstream what the problem is. Damn beaver dam? Lets eat the beavers then.

A mountain, ehm. .... dunno here. No problems at the mountain? Just less food in general? Maybe winds blow away your edible mountain goats. The Dragon has to start, saving? Countering the winds by flapping its wings?

Just some examples...

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One thought

It is interesting your idea Zag24. I will introduce the Brave tokens. Example:

Earth dragons take 5 food tokens by using the Plain area. The rest of dragons take 3 food tokens + 1 Brave token.

Players can use the Brave tokens:

1) as wildcards for the other type of resources during the course of the game (e.g. 2 Brave tokens = 1 knowledge/magic/wisdom token)


2) at the end of the game 3 Brave Tokens = 1 VP

What do you think about?

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Exotic Foods

Why not make the other areas foods exotic to that Dragon's food.
And as such makes there food taste so much better.

so therefore Exotics

1 exotic =3 (1 exotic = 2)
2 different exotics =6 (2 exotics = 5)
3 different exotics =10 (3 exotics = 9)
Thus 1 exotic = 2, 2
2 exotics = 5, 2+3
3 exotics = 9, 2+3+4
It makes the theme still viable, as all dragons would love to get a mix of foods to produce a real special treat for them.

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