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£500 prize for the best board game design

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Andrew Robertson
Joined: 08/06/2013

Hello BGDs.
I hope I am in the right place. I need a 2D game design.
I am a manufacturer of stable toys and anti-boredom devices for horses. This winter we are producing a ' Christmas selection box' of our various horse treats. On the packaging back I need a design for an equestrian themed board game.
The size needs to fit within an oval shape within A4 (if that makes sense).
The product sells throughout Europe, therefore the game must be simple with little need for instructions.
No instructions needed.
Equine theme. Could be a cross country/eventing theme, or show jumping theme.
The outline design needs to be submitted by pdf. by midnight, Sunday 11th August BST.
The design we choose will win £500. If no designs are accepted, then no prize money will be issued.
Any questions, please send a post or email.
Please submit entries via email to :

Thanks for reading.
Andrew Robertson

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