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18 card party game. Cowboy mercenaries

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Party game idea: Kind of like sports teams draft players. 18 cards, one is a railroad tycoon and the other is a villager card. these two are always included in the game. 4-18 players. The remaining cards have values from 5 to 20. Deal out one card to each player ensuring the tycoon and villager are dealt. These two then identify themselves. They have say 50 gold. The remaining players are all hired guns, cowboys or mercenaries. The tycoon and villager are trying to buy fighters in a simultaneous action round (or multiple rounds using a sand timer) of bidding. At the end the team with the highest rank score wins. Any one who does not get bought also looses. Amongst the wining team, the player with the most gold wins. If the tycoon or villager have gold left they may also count as points. The cowboys ect can show eachother their cards but not the tycoon or villager. They may do so to encourage others to join them, or put in some of their own gold to recruit more, as they can't win if they are dead

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This scenario is kinda like being the last kid picked for the dodgeball game in elementary school. The low-ranked players are the outcasts, and NOBODY wants them. What can they do to sweeten the deal for their team?

A couple things you may want to consider:
- giving low-ranked players some special ability or perk that aids the team leader
- adjusting your scoring mechanism so it doesn't penalize a low score. Here are a couple examples...

  • rolling a die and recruiting a team closest to that target number
  • having only odd- or even-numbered team members
  • the most matching colours on team members's cards (in which case you can even ignore numbers, and just concentrate on card artwork)
  • each recruited follower represents a bullet in a gun to win a duel

- something for the "hired gun" players to do while the leaders are busy deciding who to recruit. Maybe they fight among themselves?
- a more solid connection to the "wild west" theme. Some of the suggestions I posed above might help do this.

Here's to the success of your project. :)

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