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2 Player Card Game Input Appreciated

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Hey everyone I recently had an idea for a 2 player card game and would like some feedback as to what you all think about it or recognize it as an already existing game.

There are four decks of cards used in the game
1. The Territory cards
2. The Battlefield cards
3. The Recruitment cards
4. The Mission cards

At the beginning of the game each player picks a fortress card which acts as their main base (basically like the Boss cards from Boss Monster) which has an certain special effect. Each fortress comes with two towns cards that have effects exclusive to the fortress the player has selected. Once each player has their fortress and town cards, they place one town on each side of the fortress and begin the game. Each turn a player picks from four different actions:
1. Gain Territory
2. Attack
3. Recruit More Troops
4. Complete a Mission

If a player chooses to gain territory, they draw a territory card and place it adjacent to an existing town or territory card. Territory cards serve as a means of gaining effects and troops for max troop limit and effects are listed on the cards.

If a player chooses to attack they select one of their territory cards and an opponents territory, town, or fortress. There are certain battle mechanics I have worked out but to keep it simple, if you win against a territory or town you temporarily gain control of it earning a specific effect for a few turns while disabling the opponent form using it. The fortress being destroyed I will talk about later.A battlefield card is also drawn during an attack to add some random effect into the battle. When attacking other territories and towns can be used to reinforce the territory in combat by providing reinforcements utilizing its own troop limit.

If a player chooses to recruit, they draw a recruit card and roll a die to gain troops into their territories, however the max troop size of a territory cannot be exceeded.

If a player chooses a mission they will draw a mission card. There are two types of missions (active and passive). Players may only have one passive mission at a time. If they draw a new one they can choose to keep or replace the existing one. Active missions are missions in which the player must meet the requirements once they've drawn the card. Missions being completed will give the player victory points.

There are two ways of winning the game. There will be a set amount of rounds (each player goes once in a round) for the game. At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points win. The other way to win is to destroy the other players fortress which tends to have a high troop limit so it is not easy to accomplish and if done wont occur till late game.

I think the game is well rounded in how players have to utilize all the decks to win. Although there is some luck involved with cards, I feel the two different ways of winning adds to the tension of whether or not a player will choose to attack the fortress rather than go solely for victory points.

I had some fancy ideas like adding attrition to the reinforcements to make territory placement more important and battles more exciting. Also to clarify the territories are place in a line extending both left and right of the fortress.

I am still missing some concepts but I have a general rudimentary idea of what I want the game to be. I am planning on pursuing this idea one way or another to see how it turns out but like i said before some feedback from some people would be nice since I am very new to game design. Also does anyone think this could be adapted into a four player game as well I had some ideas that could tweak the game to make it suitable for 2 and 4 players but I'd like some opinions on whether or not that should be something I should pursue.

P.S. Card and deck names still pending


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Sounds Interesting Enough

I could see combat being pretty interesting, especially if there are dice involved.

Different types of units with varying stats:

Health, speed, attack, special abilities, etc.

My only question is how will the collision between you and the enemy happen? Is there a grid? If not how will you have the cards attack each other if they are not touching correctly?

Liking the mechanics. Could be very interesting.

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Oh I like the idea of dice for combat but with the number of troops it'd be hard to,implement based on troop limit. The layout for combat so far is open so any territory can attack any opponents card it's just where you are basing your attack off of and where you are risking possible troops.
However, I feel as if different unit types would be tricky and may add a bit too much complexty.The territory cards do have some effects though that can end up contributing,to combat which also brings in the whole concept of choosing,which territory you want to use to fight. The abilities of the territories thought are counterbalanced by the effect given to the opponent if captured as to make the game more fair.
Thanks for your input though it really got some wheels turning.

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Too Much Dice

I looked into dice a bit but found with reinforcements and troop sizes that I have to balance the game there is the possibility of running 20+ die which does not seem to practical.

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Snowballing Effect?

I like it, it feels like a tactics/strategy game done with cards on a slightly higher level scale. Seems like it would be a lot of fun, and the targeting mechanic you have, I think, lends itself to 3 or 4 players just fine.

My personal concern would be how to keep the game fun for the player who's been losing a lot of battles and territories, and doesn't have many resources to complete missions. You might need to put a relatively low limit on the number of turns, to keep one player from getting steamrolled, or ensure other ways of achieving victory so that they still feel like they have a fighting chance.

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I had some concerns about this myself and thought of adding another way to win but I mean the recruiting cards are decently powerful so if you get destroyed in a fight you should be able to recover really fast. There is also a slight disadvantage to attacking rather than defending so that its a bit more difficult to continuously pound the other opponent. However, there is a problem with there being a lot of luck with the territory drawings so I was thinking of doing something like a draw three pick one or a draft pick to keep the expanding game very intense. I still have a lot of stuff to work out and I feel like working out an anti-snowballing mechanism will probably come up at the play testing phase.

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