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30 minute pocket wargame

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Has this been done before? I just had inspiration to make a wargame (heavier than Risk... maybe in the neighborhood of Attack) condensed down into a form that could be played over lunch. I've played 8minute Empire. Are there any other games that I might be able to learn from? Also any thoughts on what i should keep in mind with desgining? I'll hopefully post a rough rule-set soonish.

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Some small pointers to start with

You could look at axis and allies.
But there are plenty of wargames out there. That can be reduced to a 1 on 1 battle with a 1 army vs 1 army.

But eventually, the best pocket games are card games.

If it is really a pocket game. I think you should try to avoid dice. Maybe a spinner instead. And you already have more options. Like multiple rings for the spinner.

No doubt, others have much better suggestions regarding pocket games.

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Ask almost any "has this been done before" in games and the answer will be yes.

My Hastings 1066, first of the "Break the Line" series from Worthington Publishing, is a 30 minute game consisting of a deck of cards, two paper strips, and a few markers and a die. Kickstarter due "soon", though for all I know that's next year.

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How many players? My game

How many players? My game Trenches of Valor (Victory Point Games) plays in 10-45 minutes or so depending on scenario and player skill-levels.

Down in Flame is fun and fast, but not sure how many players you can add before it takes too long.

Have played Small Worlds a few timed over lunch with 3-4 players, but more like 60 minutes.

Some quick skirmish miniarures game would work, with limited terrain and few units. X-Wing Miniatures can be lunch-played.

8 Minute Empires Legends works very well, but not so wargamey.

Maybe some ideas worth stealing. I am interested if you make that game because I want more lunch-playable wargames, especially for 3+ players.

Asked almost this two years ago on bgg and got a bunch of recommendations:

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the recommendations! I am currently designing it to be a 1v1 but also think some smartly double sided boards/components will allow for two games to be combined into a single larger one with 4 distinct players. A 4 player expansion could also be an option.

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