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3D Chess from Star Trek

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Joined: 04/16/2011

I was wondering if anybody has seen games like 3D Chess from the original Star Trek series???

I am exploring this with another co-designer and the idea came up.

Seeing as I am not a fluent as some of the other designers when it comes to the tabletop market, perhaps someone could give me tips to look into further...

I was originally going to go with a hex-based dynamic board - but 3D Chess sound so cool, you've got me re-thinking the concept!

Many thanks!

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I am sure you have checked

I am sure you have checked out the wiki page about this.

And this talks about movable board pieces.

Have fun.

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Maybe denim

I'm not sure about the board anymore. I was maybe thinking denim with white marking could look cool.

But I don't design professional prints nor do I have tools do so. I only have Photoshop and Illustrator. Not 3D Studio...

Still I think the concept would be cool - much like concept art. I'm pretty sure that would be original. That's what I'm going for - since Dungeon Crawlers have been done - and done some more.

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What do you think about denim?

I just downloaded some models of a monastery and figured this could be adaptable to "Monster Keep". Combined with "denim" I think this could be very original.

However I think the overall feel of the game benefits from the depth that layout can bring.

Here is a snapshot:

Obviously this is only a working copy. I would probably want something with several layers.

But I think it could be interesting, any comments?!

Note: I also found this great SVG resource for the monastery. I'm thinking of using an analogue method for movement. That also would add to the overall experience!

The problem is a re-design would be costly. Anything with a damn board is...

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basic 3D designing freeware

A good basic freeware for doing 3D designs is Sketchup by Trimble

I've used it for 3D printing designs along with basic assembly drawings. It does not have all the versatility of 3D CAD BUT it is free and the learning curve far shallower.

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