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7th China (Guangzhou)International Game&Amusement Exhibition(CIAE2011)

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CIAE latest news:
In 2011, CIAE would be Asia's largest and the most influential exhibition. Pavilions of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China Mainland(such as SEGA, NAMCO, TAITO, KONAMI, IGS, and Astro Corp) will gather together at CIAE2011.
For this event
The total exhibition area is 25,000 square meters.There will be 180 exhibitors (such as Wahlap, Game Plus, Golden Horse, Bao Hui, Golden Dragon, SEGA, NAMCO ,etc), 1100 booths, as well as professional visitors up to 30,000 visitors included is expected in CIAE2011 show!
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Sounds Great

Thanks sallyyu,
This is awesome information , i wish i could be there.

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thanks for interesting

Dear samuelsun;
you can contact me via,and I would Arranged for you !

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