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8 Gates of Hell

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Joined: 01/06/2009

Plans and designing has begun on our new pocket sized adventure series tentatively called '8 Gates of Hell'

In a similar vein to our Pocket Sports, this adventure game will be compact, component light, portable but will be a co-operative, deceptive, fantasy style dice & card game.

I know some peeps are wondering how a sports game publisher shifts'll have to wait & see!

I've got the first piece of character art and I'm looking for a 2016 KS campaign launch.

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Looking forward to more

Looking forward to more details of how it'll work.

Joined: 01/06/2009
Open to input

Thanks G

The challenge is going to be keeping it small, but I'm used to doing that with the other games. I'm certainly open to input / collaboration for those with more experience myself :)

In short:

There will be 4 unique fantasy characters with cards & 1 custom die for their attacks. The pic above will be a 'Hunter' type at this stage.

The objective / mission of the 8 part adventure will be to explore/fight through a number of rooms increasing in difficulty and face the end Boss, closing 1 of the Gates of Hell. There'll be limited rounds so planning how to get all characters to the boss chamber either together, in two parties or individually will be part of the strategy. Working together or as foes may be an option

Keeping the game simple, fun and strategic, without the clutter other fantasy based games entail.

As there are 8 gates, I foresee this being released in monthly(?) instalments. The base game with 4-8 cards, 6 dice, the mission map, cubes. Then possibly the further 7 gates as expansions/chapters. I'm still figuring that part out.

Characters carry over, some may die, some new characters may be included in following chapters etc.

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A small comment

Personally (and this is just my opinion), I find the subject matter to be a tad bit *DARK*.

It's like "Halcyon 6" ( where humanity is getting slaughtered by an violent alien threat. Now that's SCI-FI, but I also find it a little bit too *DARK* for me (and somewhat depressing).

Perhaps it is my religious background (Theological teachings and such), I find matters such as "Gates of Hell", "The Crusades" and "The Crucifixion of Christ" to be very serious matters.

I'm not sure how I feel about Old Testament topics like "The Garden of Eden" but "Serpent's Tongue" ( does a good job in making an concrete/realistic indoctrination of their "magi world" without becoming TOO *DARK* or too preachy.

Just my 2 cents.

Also not too be too critical, I found the artwork to also be a tad bit *DARK*... To me it feels like an "Inverted Avatar" hero or protagonist. In a way it sort of reminds of "Diablo" but even more *serious*.

From another aspect, the image seems a little bit monochromatic. There isn't much color (aside from the protagonist and he looks to be wearing some kind of loin cloth - which is almost the same color like his skin).

And don't take it the wrong way Hamish, just some feedback. Others may love the theme and the artwork style. So this is not to discourage you in any way... Just one opinion among many.

Update: What if the theme was more *Escape From Hell* and may be called "The Seven Gates" and mean that the protagonists need to travel through Seven realms (and they could be exiled lands of Purgatory). Each realm could be associated with the Seven Deadly sins and the protagonist are in a *form* of Ascension from "Hell" without explicitly calling it that.

And your game is the "Journey of Purification" as they travel through the realms... It's still *HEAVY* but less *DARK*... Just some ideas, about how to put an "up-spin" to the game concept.

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Joined: 06/03/2012
I assume being a dice man,

I assume being a dice man, you have seen the all-dice game, Dungeon Dice? A mini version of that would be interesting too.

You can PM details of how the mechanics will work if you want any suggestions.

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No dice

I haven't seen Dungeon Dice.

In fact, I rarely play any other board games. I do a little bit of research before I start designing a game to make sure I'm making something different to games already out there.

I also don't play other games as I don't want to be influenced or try to mimic other games.

The mechanics of this new direction will be based on the Pocket Sports system with quick dice results but added strategy as players have choice of where to move their player/cube on the map and other decisions in the game.

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DARK was the brief

I spoke to the artist, a guy in Germany, and specifically advised a dark theme.

I wanted a melee / hunter / trapper type character with a Fijian/Maori flavour. A little 'Apocalypto'

I think he did an excellent job considering it will go on a poker sized card with text and info.

The tentative name '8 Gates of Hell' should invoke darkness and a battle of life & death. He'll be using that war club to bash his way through the series and bring back the light.

I hope that makes you feel better Kris :)

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Mechanics and how it may work?

If you've read the rules or review on Pocket Sports Gridiron on BGG, you'll get a feel about how the mechanics will work.

Each character will have 1 dice with faces to show an attack value, special ability, an enemy strike and an immediate HIT/DAMAGE.

Of the 4 characters, the dice will vary. The Barbarian character/dice will have heavy value attacks and be better at defending. The Mage will have attacks but be more prone to an immediate DAMAGE etc

The map will be a simple flat view of a dungeon / landscape...whatever, but the size of an area will determine how many characters can enter and what level of monster is faced.

So a level 1 room allows 1 character in to fight the lvl 1 monster.

Monsters are generated with a D6 roll after the 'Hero' has entered. There'll be a reference card listing the six level 1 monsters and their 'Enemy Strike' value.

Combat will be resolved fairly quickly with the monster or hero having two rolls of a defense die to equal or better the attack value. This system is how Pocket Sports Gridiron, Rugby and Cycling work.

In a level 2 room, 2 heroes can enter and fight a lvl 2 monster, again generated from a list, with tougher values to beat.

A party of 4 will have to co-operate at some stages, but there will be the option of a 'Hand of Fate' die. Simply a dice with all 4 characters on it to determine who is chosen to enter....but I also want this to be a point of contention with players and possibly challenging each other (?)

There will be different directions (enter the left, right or straight ahead) that will then allow the party to split or one Hero to go alone. You'll need to consider who you party with as trading loot will be an important mechanic to survive and power up your character.

Loot will be generated with a D6. So I kill a lvl 1 monster, roll the Loot die and collect either +1 Health / +1 Att / +1 Def / +1 Magic / +1 Logic / +1 Dexterity (those skills are not set yet)

There will be times when as the Barbarian, collecting +1 Magic is no use, but trading that with the Mage for +1 Att will be a useful thing to do for both characters. They need to be partied to trade though.

Anyway.....I could spend all day telling you about it, but that's a rough, very rough outline. The thing to remember is this isn't a big Fantasy Flight miniatures big box game. It'll be in a poker size tuck box, portable with expansions.

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nice font

I'm really liking the fire font for the "8 Gate of Hell" - nice work!

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