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Abstract Board Game - Periid

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I`m not sure it is the right place for this post, but i have created some time ago an abstract strategy board game. I have recently coded a version of the game, including an AI. I know how to program but i`m not a designer, so the game graphics are nothing more than the required to play. But it will work well just to the purpose of showing off my game.

If anyone got interested, please contact me at


The higher AI difficulties may take some time to make the turn.
To make your move you should drag your piece to the specified square.

There are three kinds of pieces: swords, veles, and pawns, and they only move one square per turn. Swords are the + ones, they can move foward and to the sides. If they move to the sides, they will turn into pawns. Veles are the "x" ones, they can move diagonally foward. Pawns are arrows, and only appear from swords that have moved to the sides. They only move straigth foward.
If you move one of your pieces to an square another piece allready is, the other piece is removed from the game, capturing it. You cannot capture a friendly piece!
You will win the game if your opponent run out of moves, and remenber: You will gain nothing if your pieces reach the other side!
At the end of green`s turn, the game will end in a draw if both players have no legal moves.
Have fun! - Kelvin Azevedo Santos (Kran-impire)

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