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Action passing game

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I've had this idea sitting in the back of my head for a while, it's mostly just a single mechanic but I've been trying to apply it to different types of games.

The mechanic is that of action passing. Each action you can take on your turn is printed on a card or chit. When you want to take an action, you put the card or chit in a location based on where or what type of action it was. For example, you want to attack another player, so you give the attack chit to the defender and take your attack action. Another example could be you use a move action to put your piece in a building, so your chit goes to that building and you grab a random one from the building to replace it.

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your first example seems

your first example seems interesting, it would work well with a chess style game.

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I think what both of you are

I think what both of you are describing was used well in Onitama. It is a fun mechanic because the player is hesitant to make a great move, for fear of well equipping their enemy.

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