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Advice sought - help

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I have been in the process of trying to put a game idea together for some time now. I now feel confident enough to ask for the assistance of the broader community.

The game is a trivia based game that does not rely upon specific questions. A card may be used (or discarded - pun intended) that will provide a theme. The player then can then provide an answer that suits the theme and satisfaction of the other players.

I and a group of friends came up with the concept over a few drinks (okay maybe more than a few). The theme discussed was music as we all felt we had a very broad knowledge of the subject. What it led to was a series of Saturday afternoons and evenings that involved debate, discussion and a blatant showing off of our knowledge on the topic.

I recognise that my taste in music in not shared by everyone - but most of us do have an area of interest. As a result, the concept of the initial game has broadened to include - movies, travel, science fiction and fantasy-based themes.

What I am hoping you may be able to assist with is:
indicating whether this has been done before?
does it have any merit? and
support in proof reading the rules to see if they work.

Any assistance/advice is appreciated in advance.


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i have not read your rules so

i have not read your rules so i will give the benefit of doubt, but from your general description, my main concern would be the game itself. it sounds very open ended. if you think open endedness is a good thing, all fine and well, but giving a player too many options can be more constricting than giving a player just one option. with one option, at least the player knows what to do. with many options, it leads to analysis-paralysis, where the player has so many choices he/she does not know what to do. and if there is no indication of what the player's options are in the first place, it will lead to confusion which is never a good thing in a game

it does not matter if it has been done before, i guess your real question is how different is it from an existing product. that cannot be evaluated until your rules are analysed in greater detail

proof reading of rules does not matter, for no amount of good english will save a broken rule set

Joined: 07/11/2013
thanks for the response

Thanks for the feedback.

I see what you mean. I appreciate that my objectivity is somewhat biased in this and what you say may exist. Saying that, there is a level of guidance provided and while the answer may reflect a variety of options the guiding or limiting themes are fairly pointed.

Accompanying these is a series of gameplay guidance (rules) that does provide the structure on what constitutes an answer, how the answer is to be provided and what happens where an answer is not provided or overturned.

Saying this, there is a level of player input into how the game will be played and what themes will be employed (to suit personal taste). The openness that you suggest may reflect that the game can provide a level of suggestion for conversation around the topics.

You have certainly given me something to seriously consider and I will see if and how things may be addressed to avoid the point you make about analysis-paralysis (I do like that term).

Thanks again.

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