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An Age of Empires II ECG

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Joined: 03/04/2018

Hello BGDF users,

I am in the process of creating an expansion to an existing game called the Age of Empires II ECG. However, I am less interested in telling you what the game already achieves and am more interested in hearing what people want.

If you are somebody who likes the video game Age of Empires II what would you like to see in a board game based on the namesake video game? How faithful would you like the board game to be to the video game? Noting that being completely faithfulness to the video game will increase the complexity of the game. How would you possibly implement these ideas?

Thanks for any and all help

Joined: 01/13/2018
Definitely the monks!

Definitely the monks! Converting other player's unit or even buildings, never see one on board games before (CMIIW).

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