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Alien Attack (Name not sure)

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Joined: 12/24/2011

I just had another idea last night. An alien attack type game, where it is much like battleship. Your playing area consists of 2 grids: your city, and your opponents city. In the game, you control a city, and a UFO. You try to protect your city while you try to destroy your opponents city. You start the game out with 1 basic farm, and 1 basic UFO. You can see where your opponents UFO is on your city, but with your UFO, you can't see your opponents city is. You have 5 Action Points on your turn to use:
1 AP- move your UFO to 1 adjacent grid point
1 AP- fire once directly below your UFO
Later on, when you buy Flak guns to protect your city, etc. it costs AP to use them to.
You get cash for destroying buildings. Irregardless of winning or losing, you get cash for destroying your opponents buildings. After round 1, you can use your cash to upgrade your city and your UFO. On the next round, you move your city around, and enter your UFO on any of the 4 square points on your opponents city. Eventually, you can buy bigger grids, more buildings, Defenses for your city, a faster UFO, armor for your UFO, nukes, etc.! I am super excited about this game!!!!! What do you think?

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