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Ally Cards ideas anyone ? // City of the Wolves

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I need some creative input here ! ( you may have to take a look at the existing Role Cards in the v1,1 rulebook that you can download in the City of The Wolves topic... )

I'm moving to the next step of the designing process : Ally Cards.

To make it short :
Players can play some Role Cards to achieve their actions ( fight, defend, etc... )
Players gain Support Points each turn.
I plan to use these point as a ressource to hire some Allies to help one side or the other for a single turn.
I don't want a lot of different Allies, 8 would be nice.

Here are the ideas I have for the moment...

The Builder pay X support points to Fortify one city ( permanent Defense bonus )
The Mercenary pay X support to gain +Y Attack bonus during the whole turn.
The Merchant convert X Support Points into Y Resources ( usually directly produced by Peasants ) then put Z Support Points back into the Support pool...
The Corrupt Inquisitor pay X Support Points to put the Inquisitor on your side. The Witch or The Monk cannot be put into play during this turn.
The Tale-Teller pay X Support Points to use the Tale-Teller as a spy. You can look at your opponent's deck and re-arrange the 3 top cards in the desired order.

What do you think of these ideas and do you have any suggestions ?

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These look really good.

These look really good. They match the flavor of your theme and compliment the game play.

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Thanks! Other ideas : The


Other ideas :
The Gipsy Fortune-Teller could replace the Tell-Taler, with the same ability
The Town Crier ( as suggested on BGG ) could play on the Support Points field ( still have to figure out how, maybe pay X support points to gain X+Y )

The Relic Seller : any suggestions on what this guy could influence on the game ? I know I take it upside-down, but I like the character !

I think I miss one or two more Allies... Come on, you must have ideas !! ^^

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