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Animal Farm Idea

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Good Evening All!
I travel by car all a lot for my work (primary work) all over the state. So, I have a lot of time to think out my current creations and brain storm ideas for new ones. This latest idea has occupied a lot of my current time and wanted to bounce the ideas off you guys and see what you guys think.

The idea is very much like the Animal Farm book by George Orwell and crosses into the realm of War Pigs by Black Sabbath… Man has been removed from the farm and it is up to the various animal of the farm to produce the crop and get the crop off to market. Each animal has a certain skill set to grow, harvest, protect and transport the crop of the farm. Idea is to keep expanding the farm bigger and bigger and producing more and more. The other players would try to accomplish the same goal and will do anything or try anything to keep the other farm from prospering while maintaining their own.
Idea would be two to six players with farms and a “wild” element that one player can play. Wild element would be the wild animals of the forest/woods that would fight to keep the farm from expanding into the “wild”. These animals would destroy crops, disrupt the farm and eat a few sheep along the way.

Typical farm animals, sheep (public), pigs (politics), horse/cow (worker/producer), dog (protector), cat (something lazy), chicken/duck (airborne) etc

Typical wild animals, wolf/fox/coyote, snake, spider, gopher, crow/raven, rat, squirrel, bear

Weapons: poison, fire, rocks, BASF (big ass stomping feet), flooding, biological – ticks, aphids, anthrax

I am picturing in my mind’s eye, no game board but a series of cards, maybe a rolls of a few dice and maybe a range finding stick for combat. Mechanics of movement, combat or game play have not been thought out yet… give me a couple more 5 hour drives and I will get back to you…

Ideas? Thoughts?

Radar Lock Games

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When I read this...

I immediately thought of "The Grimm Forest":

It's kind of similar to what you are describing (Kinda not 100%). So in Grimm Forest you take on one of the three (3) little pigs and are trying to build your house. The other characters from other "fables" can be used to help you towards achieving your goal.

So similarities it's with all kinds of characters (many of which are animals). The main characters are animals (pigs) too.

I know your idea is "different", I'm just saying that this game came to mind after reading what you wrote. Like I said it's not a copy... Your idea just has "similarities" to this game.

And it's a bit less "generic" too (with all the fables/characters that play into childhood memories...) So in a way it's a "deeper" experience. I'm not saying the game is truly hard core gamer content... I'm just saying it connects with people because of all those stories you may or may not have read...

I'd maybe check out a video describing the game "Grimm Forest" and see if any of the content is similar to what you wanted to produce...


Update: I take it back after watching some of the playthrough... Your idea is very different from the "Grimm Forest". Because your game focuses on farming and Grimm focuses on building houses. I think the concepts are different enough that you could spend more time developing your idea...

Like I said, it made me "think" of "Grimm Forest" because of the characters from all the fables and them being animals, etc.

But your concept is very different...

let-off studios
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Initial Critique

RadarLockGames wrote:
The idea is very much like the Animal Farm book by George Orwell and crosses into the realm of War Pigs by Black Sabbath…
From the way you describe it here, I imagine you could take a lot more from both your cited inspirations to create a unique game.

There's a lot more to the book than the animals producing more and more food. And in that book, the humans are the chief rivals against the animals, and the pigs end up selling out their animal brethren for personal gain. Could you explore that dynamic of "resistance to human empire" and see what kind of game comes out of it?

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Thank you for that. I will look that up and go from there. Often these ideas keep me up at night and will not leave me alone until I write it down or vent it out.
have a great remainder of the weekend.

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Thank You Let-Off!

the more I work through it, the more of the spoiled/corrupted "pigs" are playing a less and less role/influence like in the book. Maybe they can play the foot soldiers/infantry? I smell bacon...

I am on day five of the "thinking" out process after a ten hour drive from northern California and so I guess the best way to describe it was the idea that was influences by the book and War Pigs...


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I usually design stuff while

I usually design stuff while mowing the lawn :)

So in this game, how many legs good, how many legs bad?

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Good Question

Good Morning Jay..
I guess the easy answer would be what you want those legs to do...

four good but...
8 better if you are an assassin spider
no legs better is you are a spy snake
two webbed with wings as part of the amphibious airborne (duck)

have a great day.

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