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Anime Parody Card Game

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So for awhile now I've been thinking of ideas for a CCG. Most recently I had been putting together the idea for an Anime based CCG that I based off a browser based rpg I had created.

Name: Super Chaotic Anime
The idea is to make it as customizable as possible, allowing all kinds of tactics as well as more personal character deck builds that makes you feel like the character is yours.

The art is already being set. I have a friend who's agreed to do it for free.

Idea: Each player chooses a character and builds a deck around them. Stat differences are generally minimal so you can build a character with focus on physical attacks even though they may be a little better with energy. The character will be broken into different groups that would consist of anime cliches like Cat Girls, Ninjas, Samurai, Spirits, etc. Each character will have 6 stats: Strength, Power, Energy, Accuracy, Evasion, and defense. Strength is for physical attacks, power is for energy/spell attacks, energy is how much energy per turn they gain, accuracy is the "to hit" stat, Evasion is the ability to avoid damage completely (dodge), and defense is a damage reduction stat.
The HP is the deck itself.

The deck will consist of:
Equipment- Items such as weapons, armor, jewelery, and cosplay items such as cat ears.
Events- Non combat things to give temporary bonuses and do things like shuffle cards into your deck, or search for specific cards. They can also give permanent bonuses for transformations and stuff.
Attacks- Basic attacks like weapon attacks and energy attacks. Boosts for Strength and power.
Defensive- Basic defensive techs like energy shields, and blocks. Boosts for Evasion and Defense
Enhancers- These are what the game is all about. Adding effects to the attacks or defenses to increase boosts or change the effect of the attack or defense completely by mixing elements. An energy attack can become a corrosive gas.
Locations- Specific favored locations to fight for fighters. This will provide boosts to characters sharing group or even certain cards.

If I had to associate the mechanics, it's like a mix of the DBZ CCG and Magic. This game is all about the combos, but with the attack and defense turns as DBZ.

Attacker and defender draw cards up to 5 in their hand. Attacker plays any events, locations, or equipment.
Defender will then be able to play theirs with the exception of location cards.
Attacker then plays a basic attack card
Defender will then play a basic defense card.
Attack will then put any enhancers to the card he wants and send it.
Defender will then add any enhancers to defend against it.
The defender then becomes the attacker for the round and repeats from playing basic attack on down.
This continues to happen until both players pass. The roles then switch.

I'm sure this is full of holes, but I need help to see if I can find them. This game evolved from a "War" mechanic game I had created.
5 cards are drawn which are characters and power ups.
Lay 3 characters face down, one in each battle arena.
Play power ups face down on each one.
Players flip the characters.
One with lowest attack applies his character power first, then the other.
The one with the lowest at that point flips over 1 bonus card, then the other does theirs.
This repeats for each arena.
The won with the highest attack wins and pulls the opponent's cards from that arena to a separate pile with their own cards.
The battle ends when the deck for 1 or both players runs out. If you have any cards left, they are added to the pile of won battles and added up. The one with the most cards or points, will win the game.
There would be certain things that will reverse the battle so the lowest wins, or if you have a certain strength, that card is discarded and you move your character to the winning pile.

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