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Another zombie game... Really?!?

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Yes really! but guys and gals this is going to be the most fun out of all of them! (Isn't everyone supposed to say that about their games??) ;)

Hello to everyone here on the BGDF! I have been lurking around the site for some time now and thought now would be a great time get down my first (of hopefully many) post, and since this is in the Game Ideas section let's just get down to the nitty gritty.

I will start off by saying I have not played any of the other zombie board/card games out there yet but i really would like to, and I hope some of the ideas that are in this post are unique and don't draw from every other zombie game out there..

My buddy and I have been working (off and on) on a zombie themed card and dice game. The basic idea of the game is to survive but the twist is you don't know if your trying to survive as a group or be the last one standing or anywhere in between until you have already jumped into the game and have had your fair share of zombie attacks.

This is going to be a co-op/semi co-op game with a lot of chance added in. optimal game play will be for 3-6 players but can have as few as 1 or as of now as many as 15... granted a 15 player game would last a while.

There will be 3 decks of cards
Zombies - numbered 1 - 6 which states what a player must roll to kill them
Items - different items ranging from melee, ranged and explosive weapons to a pet rock.
Area/Event/Victory - victories will be triggered when certain areas are encountered and events take place in the area that you are currently in, you never know if an explosion is going to happen in the alley way or if a horde will be in the library!!

Weapons have 3 different stats
attacks = number of dice rolled (1-5)
damage = modifier to add to each D6 rolled ([-2] - 3)
noise = the amount of noise a weapon makes when attacking zombies that aren't attacking you (I will go over this later)

Areas have 2 different stats and some have special events that take place
Items = the amount of items able to be drawn at the start of your turn (0-2)
noise = how much noise is generated for all players while in area (0-3)

You start the game by choosing 1 of 15 character cards from random each with their own unique ability and a couple stats that state how efficient they are at using both ranged and melee weapons. Once everyone has their character they all roll a 1D6 to see who goes first, at this point in the game you are all working together trying to figure a way out of this mess. (We don't have a backstory of how everything has taken place and ended up how it is as of now)

The highest roller flips the first area card and places the zombie counter on the correct spot. the zombie counter states how many zombies each player must draw on their turn and increases after every round (after everyone has had their turn) This will give the effect of the sinking feeling one would have after wave and wave of zombies tried to make you their lunch. After the card and zombie counter are out everyone draws X item cards to start the game then play goes to the player to the left of the highest roller.

That player then draws the number that the zombie counter is on plus whatever their noise level is at. noise level ranges from 0-10 and different areas generate different amount of noise.. Let's say for example the zombie counter is at 2 and you are at the club that generates 3 noise, every player must draw 5 zombie cards on their turn.

Now the player must combat the zom's using any weapons he/she may have, if the player has none they must use their fists (which usually aren't very effective) the player does this by rolling the "attack" number in D6's and adding (or subtracting) any modifiers they have for damage... For example I am the cop and i have a 4 out of 5 in range that means I get +1 damage to each dice roll and I am using a pistol which gives me 2 attacks and 0 damage, I roll 2D6 and get a 3 and a 5, those get increased to 4 and 6 because the officer is proficient with ranged weapons, so a total of 10 zombies are able to be killed, now let's say those 5 zombie cards i drew are numbered 1,1,2,3,6..
that is a total of 13 zombies.. so I kill the 6,3, and a 1 which leaves a 1 and 2 zombie card in front of me still.

This is where your allies come into play, they may choose to help you kill those other 2 zom cards by attacking the same way you just did but if they use any weapons that generate noise they must move their noise counter up and draw that many more zom cards on their turn, or they can just watch the zom's eat you and save themselves. after each player has decided to help you or not and you still have zombies in front of you you are dead!!! there are no 'hit points' or 'life' once your bit your screwed.

So now you're a zom, on your turn every round you still draw draw zombie cards and get to allocate them out to the other players to add to what they have to draw on their turns which means the more people that are dead the harder it will get, but maybe if you were nice and attempted to help them but bob didn't they will allocate all of their zombies towards bob for some 'eat your face off" payback!

Play continues this way until either everyone is dead or a victory condition has been met, there are other things like a sanity counter that come into play as more zombies are drawn or events happen like you seeing a zombified loved one. (at this time I will just say once people in the group lose all their sanity and go insane things get very bad very quick, this has been tested!!) :)

If you have made it this far through the post I appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing what comments or questions you may have, I am sure I left out some important mechanics so if something just doesn't quite fit please ask away, also if you think something should be added/removed let me know why you think that.. We have a semi working prototype at this time (without victory conditions yet.. but with what we have we can definitely get some good ol' zombie killin' in) and it is still in heavy development, i just felt it was time to get this out there and get the gears rotating! Again thank you for your interest (or non interest) and happy gaming!

Joined: 08/01/2013
I know its been a few months

I know its been a few months since I posted this and I have been busy with life but I am looking to get back into development of this game and am still looking for feedback! I have since I posted this come up with 8/10 victory conditions (some of which I plan on changing)..

Thanks for your time!

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Sounds interesting, but in

Sounds interesting, but in the end I would rather play Munchkin Zombies.

I suggest looking at FFG's Death Angel. The marching order of your space marines as well as the direction they are facing (L or R) makes a difference, as you can be attacked from both sides.

I recommend losing the "noise" mechanic. Removes all incentive for me to help other players.

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Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! The noise for now is a must and it mat be counteracted by using a melee weapon to help out other players.. in some victories though players must choose who to take with them and who to let go so helping others is usually a good idea.. as far as marching orders go i think that will ad too much complication to the game right now. Also thank you for bringing munchkins to my attention my game does seem very similar lol.

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