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Any suggestions for subgames?

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I'm making a board game set in a casino and was hoping for some advice. Each room of the casino has its own small sub-game that players complete to play. They are generally played against the game itself. In the prototypes so far I've been using simple card and dice games but I'd like to make it more of a party game so am trying to think of sub-games that would be more fun to play and watch, as players can bet on the outcome of other players' sub-games.

So far I'm thinking of using:

Pig: (the push your luck dice game)
21: (played against another player)
Table golf: You must flick a disk across the board and into a small circle.
Memory: Take a short look at a number of playing cards then name them all.
Table Rugby: Hold a disk between your two thumbs and flick it over a crossbar made of another player's fingers.

I'd love to have games that tested different skills: memory, dexterity, risk-assessment etc. I don't want to rely on many extra components if possible.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very very grateful.



Void Schism
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Great idea. Reminds me of a

Great idea.
Reminds me of a game I had as a kid called "Go for Broke".
It was like monopoly in reverse, get poor-quick.
There was a casino on part of the board with 4 simple games based on spinners.

Well here are my ideas:

You could have a simplified roulette on a spinner
Roll 3 dice for a fruit machine, increase bet for a re-roll
Thumb/arm wrestle
Draw cards and guess higher or lower. makes it more risky everytime they gamble again

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How about: Rock paper

How about:
Rock paper scissor
Radio scan-turn a radio onto scan, players try to be the first to name the artist and song as it scans from one station to the next. Most named wins after one complete scan.
Cup stack or whatever its called. Each player must stack plastic cups into a pyramid then disassemble. Fastest wins..
Shell game
Asian dice game-cant remember its name. Players lay wagers on a mat coresponding to different sides of a die(they use animals and such).3 dice are rolled. If you bet $5 you win $5 if one die matched,$10 if two match,$15 if all three match

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Thanks to both of you, plenty of good ideas here for me to try out.

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two for you

Poker flick! Basically Texas Hold 'Em with a dexterity element. Try to assemble a winning poker hand by flicking disks onto a number of cards spread out on the table. Best hand wins. Possibly begin by dealing out a starting hand to players.

Card roulette Bets can be on suits, even/odd/face, color, or specific cards. Joker gives everyone their money back plus a small bonus. You'd need a chart of course, but that's an easy print job. Once bets are placed, flip over a card and pay out to any winners.

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Poker Flick actually sounds

Poker Flick actually sounds like a really, really cool game. I'm picturing a Sorry Sliders type board with card in the middle - very cool. I'd certainly play.

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There was a game like that

There was a game like that published here in quebec called "Pari-Mani". Which could be translated as "Bidding-Mania". The BGG entry is here:

It is a roll and move game where you can land on spaces where you can play casino games.

There is a small card for every game that tells you how much your initial bid is multiplied if you win. So all the games you play are against the game (the dealer can be another player).

So if you look at this picture

You can see the payoff charts. Black jack is the only one we can clearly see. It read as:

> 21 = lose your bid
< 17 = take a card
17 = keep your bid
18, 19 = gain 1 x bid
20 = gain 2 x bid
21 = gain 3 x bid
black jack = Gain 5 x bid
<21 in 5 cards = gain 7 x bid
7,7,7 = gain 10 x bid

So you have a payoff card for every game. You have 4 games at the corner plus the slot machines which is done with colored dices and horse races done with a small stack of cards.

I don't know if it helps, it could be a good source of ideas. If you need help for the translation of the picture on BGG from french to english, let me know.

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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions, very helpful.

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I once threw together an

I once threw together an incredibly simple gambling game for an upscale inn in one of my D&D campaigns. There's a lot of fluff attached, but enjoy nonetheless.

1 B: Zares’ Gambit
The formerly obscured portion of the room, a large area closed off by countertops marked with shapes and colors, appears to be set aside for a game of chance that involves betting on various numbers and color. These elements of chance appear on a wheel and a die, respectively. Two employees, one rolling a die and collecting bets, the other the wheel, man this station.

A DC 15 Knowledge (Local), (History), or a Bardic Knowledge check will recall that this game, affectionately referred to as Zares’ Gambit, is a game of chance in which a wheel with sets of three numbers ranging from one to six on each of its spokes and a three-colored die that randomly selects a color are used. Betting can be made on the numbers that appear on the wheel, the colors on the dice, or that a color AND a number will appear on the same roll, offering a chance for players of various levels of logic and skill to come together and play the same game. This is a fitting game to bear Zares’ name, as his rallying call was one of equality.

The Riverfront allows betting on any number of numbers or any number of colors per round of betting. If a better bets both on a color and a number, they cannot win separately and that player can only select one number and one color.

The betting range accepted at The Riverfront is 1s to 10g per number or color.

Number pays 2:1 for each match on the board
Color pays 1.5:1
Number and Color pays 5:1

To play:
Roll 3d6 for the numbers
Roll 1d6 for color

1-2: Red
3-4: Blue
5-6: Yellow

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