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Anybody interested in working on a game together with main Game of Thrones graphic artist?

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This thread disappeared overnight. The log doesn't record enough rows for me to know who/how it disappeared, unfortunately. I can only assume the original poster removed it, as other than an admin they would be the only one with that ability

That said, I am sorry for my part in escalating any bad-vibe that thread may have taken on.

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I wonder what happened to it too. There didn't seem to be any reason to remove it.

If it were bogus I think we could have found out by going to the google hangout that was posted.

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Bookmarked it... and

Guess what: nobody showed up for the Google+ Hangout.

I think Stan was honest about wanting to make a game - But I think the $2M in sales of the "cavern" game was what was clouding his judgement.

People who are NOT designers don't know how LONG it takes and how much there is in terms of testing and fine tuning. It's not an overnight project.

What I think he wanted was to have a table of designers to match with his table of creative artists and to have a BIG NUMBERS Kickstarter...

Something along those line...

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Found a different log, and it

Found a different log, and it was deleted by poster at 0500.

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