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Archeological adventure game

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Joined: 06/05/2012

I'm new to BGDF and to actually designing a game (I'm definitely at Entry level hobbyist level here) but I do have a game idea that I want to explore.

What I need to know before I get too deep into designing it is what has existed before. I just played the latest "the adventures" game as well as "forbidden island" and realized how much I love lost civilization themes for gaming.

So my question is this: what are some of the other adventure games put there? Specifically I'm looking at the stuff that feels a little Indiana Jones or "the adventures".

If I decided to pursue this idea I will certainly blog about it and share the process with everyone here (without giving too much away).

Thanks for the help and Im very excited that I discovered this site!


Joined: 10/13/2011
Adventure Games

Hi Mfuchs,

The most recent release I can think of is "Fortune and Glory" by Flying Frog - this is much more of an Indiana Jones type game rather than a lost civilization game. I imagine you would like this one!

But don't let what exists stop you from developing your game. There is very little in the game world that is "new" anymore as most themes and mechanics have been explored - let the world see what your take is on an old idea!

Good luck with your designs!

Joined: 06/05/2012
Going forward

Wow! Fortune and Glory looks nuts! I'm more of a fan of illustrations than photo but I may just have to grab a copy of it.

I think your right about just going with it. I just did a rough game board and have a lot of cards figured out. I'm going to do a rough solo play test in the next week or so.

Ill see where this goes.


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