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So a couple nights ago, I had a dream where my college buddies and I were into this little pen and paper strategy game about moving ships across from one side to the other, wiping out the others forces. I remembered enough from this dream that I had to get up and write out the rules. I haven't played it and indeed have no one to play with, so I don't know how fun and strong an idea it is, but it sounds good in my head, so I thought you could give me opinions. I currently have no intention of taking this further, it's more about getting my idea out there, but if it generates interest I may persue it.

The rules are a little incomplete, there may be key things missing, I'm not sure, and it may be structured wrongly, but I fit in as much as I could think of without ever having read any board game creation literature. So, without further ado, here is my idea. To summarize though, I like to think of it as the casualness of battleships, meets the strategy of chess, with the life point system of Magic the Gathering. I hope people like it and can give me feedback etc. =]

Please see the attatched text file for the full rules (I tried posting it here but the code tags just wouldnt display the starting position correctly)

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Armada idea

Not bad at all, good concept, simple mechanics, and easy name to remember ;). I like the rules, it would be a great family game or for young adults, and it would work as a video game too. You do need to edit the current rules and make them complete, also the rule sheet itself looks kinda weak, it needs a design style, new fonts, etc. This looks like a rough draft of a good game.

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