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Ascension- RPG with playing cards

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Admin note: This topic was moved out of the Game Design Showdown thread as it does not pertain to the GDS.

This is a 2-4 player cooperative survival deck building game with just two decks of playing cards. Players choose to play as a warrior, paladin, rogue, or mage and must work together to defeat the monster deck before their own health runs out. The link below explains how to play the two player mode and features rules from Act I. Enjoy!



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I don't know if you plan on

I don't know if you plan on marketing this anywhere eventually, but I'd recommend a name change to avoid confusion - there's already an established deck-builder (4 or 5 expansions now) with the same name.

Otherwise, stick with it and good luck!

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Interesting, I like it. It

Interesting, I like it.

It looks like it'd be a bit clunky in terms of using the original playing cards, but the play looks entertaining. It actually reminds me alot of my original Cards of Cthulhu.

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danieledeming wrote:I don't

(nevermind this post)

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