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B-Warriors : Simple Dice RPG - Please check it out!

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B-Warriors is a game that I've been working on since i was in the 3rd grade. I developed it in elementary school and I just started to remodel how everything works, and I'm going to be a senior in highschool soon.

The playtime, when my friends and I tested it out, was about 3-5 hours. So it's a fairly short RPG, in comparison to other ones.

You start out by choosing one out of the 5 starting characters, all with balanced stats of Attack, Defense, and Speed.
Attack: the damage you deal
Defense: your health
Speed: nothing to explain here.

Oh and I would like to mention, that the currency is "fried chicken." The game's theme is very quirky and is suitable for all ages.

On the bottom of each of the card are 3 dice drawn, all showing unique numbers, respectively. Under the first die, there is a unique skill move that is different from the others. I will explain in detail about this later.

How do you win?
The only way to win this game is to go around the board 5 times and beat 5/8 bosses in the boss arena.

The Board:
There are about 100 tiles on the board, all aligned in a snake-shaped manner. There are various tiles with different colors, representing different things.

Light Blue: You are safe. If you land on here, nothing happens.
Deep Purple: There are many of these tiles. If you land on this tile, it means you will have to fight a monster card. (The first time you go around the board, you will fight level 1 monsters, and the 2nd time you will fight level 2, etc)

Red: Shop. You can land on this piece to access the shop or if you roll a number that will make your character go beyond this tile, you can stop at the shop and end your turn.

Yellow: Chance. You can pick up a chance card. This involves collecting fried chicken from your local KFC, or being attacked by an angry hobo resulting in the loss of some fried chicken...and even dares such as staring contests or arm wrestling challenges are optional if you are playing with a younger age group.

White: Battle any other player

Black: One tile out of the whole board. If you land on here, you are redirected to start. :(.

The player will roll with 1 or 2 die, depending on your preferred game speed. the player will then move the amount of spaces. If he/she loses a battle, then the player has to go back the same number of spaces that he/she came from. That is the only penalty for losing a battle. If playing with 2 die, and one rolls a double, then the player can roll again.
Everytime you finish one cycle of the board, you will collect money to aid you for the tough battle of the next tier of enemies. As mentioned before, the first time you go around, you will fight level 1 monsters, and it will go in that pattern until you finish the 5th round.Then you will be sent to the boss arena that is filled with prizes, chance cards, and boss battles. At this point, you're practically buying the most expensive weaponry and trying to finish off the bosses before anyone else can.

Okay let's cut the crap. So how do you battle, exactly?

1) You see who has higher speed.
2) If the opponent's speed is 2x your speed, they can roll 2 die per turn. If they have 3x your speed, they can roll 3 die. 3x is the max.
3)Whoever has more speed rolls. If the number rolled corresponds to the number on their card, they can deal the amount of damage equal to their "attack stat."
etc etc etc....
4) If the number you rolled corresponds to the die with the skill move, then you may carry out your skill move.

Skills: the skill moves that the player starts with can only be used once per battle. However, more skills can be purchased and assigned at the shop and some may be used more than once per battle. If the skill has been used up once already in battle, the die that had the skill assigned to it will revert to a regular die and deal damage if that specific number has been rolled.

Skills can vary from stealing fried chicken from the opponent mid battle or just increasing your speed like crazy so you can implement more attack. the range in skills is very broad.

5) Whoever defeats the opponent will collect loot from the loot basket.

Loot: there are 5 different loot levels, all corresponding to the monster levels. If one defeats a level 1 monster, he/she will grab one folded up paper from the level 1 loot bag. As the loot levels go higher, the probability of attaining higher amounts of fried chicken increases as well. If one defeats another player, then they will receive a boss level loot (level 5).

The Shop:
The shop has many items that vary in attributes. Some are brute strength while others are speed and defense. However, there are only 1 of each item. So if one player decides to purchase something, then another player can either buy it off that player or just buy something else. Each item is marked with the labels "Weapon" "armor" "weapon or armor" and "special". Players can only equip 1 weapon and 1 armor. And only 1 special item may be used per battle.

Oh yeah, and skills are available here too. Skills are also limited just like items. and once you purchase a skill, you will have to assign it to one of your die.

There are oddball items, like the dirty plunger that give you +4 attack.. And the fanny pack that gives you +5 defense but -10 masculinity. The items and monsters of this game have a comical aura to it.

Ultimately I wanted to keep simple mechanics and get away from leveling up. I thought that the dice rolling system created a very balanced game flow. Also, I wanted to make this a game where everyone of all skill levels could just sit down and play without any prior knowledge.
I created a variation of this game which you could level up from battling monsters and gaining experience, but it made it all too complicated and I wanted the main incentive to win battles is to obtain the funds to purchase the most powerful weapons.
I think i pretty much covered up everything. If you have any questions and advice, please reply! Thanks and I'm very willing to take constructive criticism.

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Personal game

You have some fun concepts here. The game sounds like something I'd enjoy playing. There are a few things you might want to consider before trying to commercialize this, however:

1) It's long. 3-5 hours is actually not too long for a board game 20+ years ago (try playing a game of Monopoly in less than 3 hours), but these days most games for the age group you're targeting last 1-2 hours.

2) It's really random. Players who roll well win, players who don't lose. The only non-luck element I can see in your design is the Store. Lots of randomness isn't necessarily bad (Talisman does well and it is similar), but it hurts the re-play value when players figure out its all luck.

3) Run-away victories are possible, as is getting stuck in last place: It seems to me that once a player has an advantage in your game, it's hard for others to catch up. It also seems like players who fall behind will be stuck in last place. You may want to consider somekind of "Blue Shell" mechanism (see Mario Kart) where last place players can suddenly leap ahead a few places.

Otherwise, sounds like a fun and easy to play bite-sized RPG boardgame.

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Hey, thanks for the

Hey, thanks for the reply.
1) 3-5 hours is if you choose to play the long way, which involves one die for moving, etc.. There will be another set of rules for a shorter gameplay for sure. But for those who want to enjoy the game, they will play by the long rules.

2) Well, i kinda wanted to make it mostly on luck.. hm.. replay value. How would you suggest a stronger replay value?I think that the skill shop and the starting characters make each game unique if players choose to explore new weapons and items.

3) This is true in some games that we played, and in others, it wasn't an issue. Since the game is based on probability, most of the time, it was pretty even. However, one can skip away the past levels and once you get into the boss arena, you're pretty much the same as everybody as everyone is getting crap loads of money and they are at their strongest. I feel like the boss arena gives a good balance as everyone has a chance to win as some bosses might be stronger against some opponents in several stats, while some other characters will find it easy to fight them off.

Thanks for the help!

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