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Basket Ball game

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Long time no post.
I was enthused at all the interest for the Icehockey game thread, so I thought
I'd put out some ideas I've been working on for a basketball game, see what ideas/suggestions
you guys have.

My latest game inspiration has been Roll Through the Ages(RTtA). I love the quick empire building
aspect with dice. I thought what else besides an empire could you build. The idea of a sports
team seemed logical.

So I'm envisioning a two part game experience.

1st Part) Team Building- along the lines of RTtA. Upgrading various stats for players, team as a whole, coach etc..
I have several ideas for this but I think I need to figure out how the 2nd part works
before I can dig into this aspect.
Target time= less than 30 minutes

2nd part) Game Play - Quick games less than 30 minutes. Perhaps leading to a game of one teambuilding phase
and then perhaps a best of 3,5,etc..
Some key mechanisms:
1) Shooting and rebounding determined by a pull from a draw bag. Last night we
tried this with poker chips in a bag. Just for starts we had 6 green chips(made shots)
and 14 red chips (misses). So theoretically one draw of one chip would be a 30% chance
of making a shot. On three of the red chips we added stickers that said offense. Which
when pulled would equal an offensive rebound the plain ones signified normal rebounds.

One of the problems we had was that we envisioned a shooting stat being generated in
teambuilding that would affect how many chips you pull to determine success. I.e.
a shooting stat of 4 would allow you to draw 4 chips. If one was a green chip it was good.
However I'm not sure how to determine probabilities on that. 4 single draws I can figure
out but thats too time consuming. I'd really like one draw.
Also not sure if base 20 is the right size. It seems like larger would be better but don't
to make the game too cumbersome, but at the same time I'd like to have a decent range
of stats.

I really like the idea of the chips, because I like the idea of having multiple info on certain
chips. Any thoughts on this? Or is dice the best way to go? Another example perhaps
one or more of the chips has a fast break icon on it which when pulled triggers a fast
break opportunity for the opponent.

2) Using dice to determine defense. By using the rule of thumb of 1=Point Guard
2= Shooting Guard etc, after a rebound the team that is now on defense rolls
5 dice and matches them up. For instance if he rolls a 1 that means that the point guard
is covered etc.. Also based on his teams defensive rating determined in the team building
phase he perhaps could adjust his die roll for better coverage. Perhaps change a die(dice)
a certain amount of numbers, or change a die completely, or reroll a certain number of
dice. So if the roll and subsequent changes leaves somebody open perhaps that persons
stats on shooting are bumped up by one. Also defender could choose to double team a
player instead.
What do you think of this? too fiddly?
I wanted to make it where you would want to pass instead of just rebound/shoot
rebound/shoot ad nauseum.

3) Passing- We are really stuck on this one! Can't quite figure out a simple method of
implementing this. Thought of a passing rating similar to shooting which
would rely on the chip bag. But there seems to be too many variables to
consider. Are both passer and receiver covered? Is one double teamed?
Any ideas on a simple method?

Thats it for now,
I would love to hear what the brains of this forum think.

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