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[Battle Edge] Looking for some Feedback

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Hi BGDF community, this is my first post here. I have been working on this 1v1 strategy game. It remains themeless for now. I would really appreciate if you could give some input ;)

The game has a 10x4 squared board.

Winning conditions You win if 1 of your units reaches the back-line of the oponents field (1 of the last 4 squares)

Units(see attached files)
--> "lancer" - attacks units in front; moves (+1 forward, +1 back);
--> "defender" - attacks units through the flanks; moves (+1 left, +1 forward, +1 right);
--> "rogue" - attacks units from the back (like a backstab); moves (+1 left, +1 left front diagonal, +1 forward, +1 right front diagonal, +1 right); special ability: jump friendly or enemy units forward, left or right.

Every turn a player has 3 Action Points (AP). They need to spend atleast 1AP/turn, being able end their turn earlier if they do. AP do not stack.
--> moving = 1AP
--> attacking = 1AP
--> jumping = 2AP

When units attack they take the position of the destroyed enemy unit. Each unit can move only once per turn, and the same goes for attacking. "Rogue" can, however, jump(not considered a movement) and move, using 3AP.
Players have 2 trump cards that can change the basic rule set and manipulate unit interaction.

Some prototyped cards so far in the attached files.

Game Start
>> The Trump card deck is shuffled. Each player draws a card, which will be their first trump card (this card is placed face up)
Then, each player draws 3 cards, from which they choose their second trump card (this one is placed face down)
>> The board has 2 different areas: red area/black area. One piece each, players place their units on any square of their corresponding black zone, until they have 5 pieces in play. Players can't place more than 1 "rogue" piece. First player decided by coinflip.

That's it. Thank you for your time.

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Can you always play cards or

Can you always play cards or do they cost AP too?

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Can't edit this thing :(

Forgot to talk about that, sorry. They cost AP too, but there's no limit to the number of Trump cards to be played/turn, as long as you have the required AP.

I'll tak this chance to address some of the things I'm not so sure about:
>> Lack of meaningfull choices(?): will players feel little control with the trump card mechanic? It's not a deck building game, so the only choice for now is what card (from the 3 they draw) they choose to be their 2nd Trump card.
>> Regarding the "Rogue" piece, it might be interesting having some more decision-making attached to this piece for example:
- Instead of the current restriction of only having 1 "rogue" piece per player in play, let's say players can have 7 pieces on the board, each rogue counting as 2 pieces. So you could have 7 regular pieces or choose to have 2 rogues and 3 regular pieces...
- Having to decide if "rogues" will be used to rush through the front lines or help take down enemy units: if they use their jumping ability, they cannot attack for the rest of the map, and vice-versa.

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