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THE BATTLE FOR FAUST'S SOUL : A Themed Card Game By P. K. Waddle

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And now.. my 6th of my 7 games in development.. this is my only one with not a silly/humor oriented/facetious theme... :)

The legendary deal-maker-with-the devil Faust's soul is in limbo. Do you want to be the one to secure his damnation, or do you want to be the one to grant him freedom from his devilish dealings and guide him to salvation? Or will you pursue one path for Faust only to change paths later?

All of this comes into play during..

THE BATTLE FOR FAUST'S SOUL ! : A Themed Card Game by P. K. Waddle

OBJECT : To send Faust's soul to complete damnation or salvation through the playing of an entire row of seven deadly sins cards or seven virtues cards.
COMPONENTS : 21 Deadly Sin Cards (3 sets of 7 ) , 21 Virtue Cards ( 3 sets of 7 ) , 10 Comatose Soul cards, 12 Reawakening of The Soul Cards, 7 Switch of Spiritual Allegiance Cards , 10 Angst and Confusion Cards, 12 return of Clarity Cards , 1 salvation card, 1 damnation card


To start the game, the Faust Card is laid in the center of the playing area.( The Faust Card's right and left edges will have arrows pointing in opposite directions , one direction saying DAMNATION the opposite saying SALVATION.)

Take the salvation and damnation cards and put them in the appropriate direction approximately 7 card lengths away from the Faust card.

( Diagram from left to right )
(( SALVATION CARD --7 card lengths ( Edge of Faust Card that says SALVATION <----) FAUST CARD ( Edge of Faust Card That Says -----> Damnation DAMNATION CARD ))

Take the rest of the cards and shuffle them into one stack. One player turns over cards until either a sin or a virtue card comes up. Then that is the path that player will attempt to complete. ( Sins for DAMNATION, Virtues for SALVATION.)

Each of the Sin and Virtue Cards is marked with a number. these numbers signify the ascending order the cards have to be played in on the path to one of the spiritual conclusions.

1 Pride 2 Envy 3 Gluttony 4 Lust 5 Anger 6 Greed 7 Sloth

1 Humility 2 Kindness 3 Abstinence 4 Chastity 5 Patience 6 Liberality 7 Diligence

Each player from the draw is now assigned a spiritual allegiance path they are attempting to complete and the play begins.


Deal 5 cards to each player, the rest go in a draw pile.

On each turn a player may do one of the following :

-- Play the next ascending card on their path if they hold that card. ( EXAMPLES: The player who is trying to complete the Salvation path has that path up to 3 -Abstinence, therefore he may play the 4 -Chastity Card if he holds it. To start the their paths of course a player must play the card with the number 1 for their path.)

-- Play a BLOCK card against their opponent that stops them from laying down any more cards in their path until they play the corresponding REMOVAL card.

( After either of these turn options, a player picks up a the top card from their he pile to put in their hand. Each player's hand will always contain 5 cards. )

-- Play a SWITCH SPIRTUAL ALLEGIANCE CARD and reverse which path each player is attempting to complete.

( After this option a player picks up 2 cards to replenish their hand.)


There are 2 kinds of special cards which block your opponent from laying down any more numbered cards on their path until they play the corresponding card to remove the block :

Blocks /Removals:

Comatose Soul Card /Reawakening of the Soul Card
Angst and Confusion Card /Return of Spiritual Clarity Card


THE SWITCH SPIRITUAL ALLEGIANCE CARD can throw the lead immediately to a player who had been trailing badly.

If a player holds the NEXT CARD needed in their opponent's path AND a SWITCH SPIRITUAL ALLEGIANCE CARD, that player may play both cards on their turn and then both opponents now follow the opposite path they were attempting to complete before the cards were played.

EXAMPLE : If a player's opponent's path was on 5 -Anger on the Damnation path , if the player held a SWITCH SPIRITUAL ALLEGIANCE CARD and the 6 Greed Card, he could play both of these cards on his turn and switch each player's assigned paths.

There is no limit of how many of these card pairs ( SWITCH/Next card in opponent's path) may be played per game, therefore the assignments of which player is attempting to compete which path may change several times.


When a player plays their 7th and final card for their path, it is declared that the BATTLE FOR FAUST'S SOUL is decided and that player is declared he winner !!!

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I love the theme... and I

I love the theme... and I think using cards coud be quite thematic too.
I still have to give it a try of course, but I like the idea so far.
Do you have any pdf file including cards to playtest this game ?

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Thanks !!

Thanks so much !!..

I have images for the sins and virtues saved that an artist who is doing the art for me I WANT TO BE A CEREAL KILLER GAME that I got from wikimedia commons is going to " make" through photoshop adding the numbers and such and I hope very much to have prototypes for playtesting in just a few weeks !!!

I apologize right now I don't seem to know how to POST an image right here... but here is a link for a preview...

For a stark black and white look to add to the atmosphere of this game.. I am using 7 pictures of etchings by Jacques Callot from the 17th century for each of the SIN cards.. here is the address to the picture for the " Anger" card...,_The_Seven_Deadly_...

thank you SO much for you comment !! :) == PKW

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This sounds like a great game

This sounds like a great game and I would love to see how the cards turn out.

Do you have a website or something that I can check out to see all of your games?

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thanks !!

Right now I am trying to still get artists lined up for all of my prototypes.. since I don't have a MASSIVE budget .. this is much more of a long process than I thought.. but 3 of my games ARE moving right along and I should have all of their prototype art done hopefully by mid-Autumn so that I can start testing the prototypes!! Thank you so much for the kind words and watch these forums for updates !! :)

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