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I made a thread at Board Game Geek which I will link here:

The game has been re-worked since my original post so you will have to read through the thread.

Do you have any suggestions for changes to the game while I'm still in relatively early stages?

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In two sentences - what

In two sentences - what distinguishes your game from any other TCG out there, apart from the theme?

From the quick glance at your card samples ("damage 10, health 200", sounds like a lot to keep track. That alone would discourage me from trying the game).

Joined: 03/11/2016
The main unique mechanical

The main unique mechanical feature is probably the no-man's-land, which I haven't seen explicitly implemented in a card (or board) game before (maybe somebody could suggest one?). Perhaps secondarily, the fact that the goal is to destroy structures which can be built.

The stats you cited are from a previous version of the game, not the spreadsheet posted at the end of the thread. The old version had multiples of ten up to 200, which are now multiples of 1 up to about 3. Either way, all it takes is some dice or counters like poker chips to keep track of damage.

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