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Black Hole

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Joined: 12/29/2010

So I'm scrapping my film game right now and making this because it's a much simpler idea. Here are the basics:

You and other players are commanders of ships which are spiraling towards a black hole. In order to get away from the black hole one must collect power pellets located in intervals on the spiral map. These power pellets then can be used to move backwards and away from the black hole. Whoever doesn't get sucked into the black hole wins.
Power pellets have different amounts of energy but you never know how powerful the pellet you're going to get is. Depending on your ship you must move a certain amount of spaces each turn. For example, light ships have to move from 2-5 spaces each turn (so they have the ability to get to the pellets earlier) but can only hold one power pellet at a time. Heavy ships move 1-3 spaces each turn but can hold two power pellets at a time.

So these are the basics of the game. I'm going to try this thing out tomorrow and see if it works out. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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