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The Blackjack River | Solitaire Game

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Joined: 05/05/2014
I love this art... very fresh

I love this art... very fresh idea for the classic french cards.

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The rules have been updated with images, let me know what you think of the layout and clarity of rules. Thanks!


The cards are complete, I have a few prototype decks on the way. Here are samples of some of the cards (and card back):

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Wonderfully clever and

Wonderfully clever and simple! Perfect fast filler only comment would be to perhaps add the number of fish to the face cards so players always know how many fish those cards reduce a river segment by. May seem like a simple task, remembering these values...but it can only make the play faster from the first game to the last.

It would also be cool to add a water effect to the number cards, so that it looks like a river getting longer as you add cards. Just pumping up the visual of a beautiful theme. I can see a sort of zen Tokaido-style treatment for this art.

Can you bridge 2 distributaries? May be cool to be able to create a junction in order to make 21, perhaps using a specific card...the ace?

I'd play this game in an instant!

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Thank you

Thanks. I have considered putting the number of fish that each fisherman fishes up on the card, but haven't found an elegant solution yet. Perhaps in the upper right/lower left corners.

Same with the water effect, the original version actually had the river segments look like rivers but it was rebuffed by playtesters that wanted the traditional french style pips that matched the look of the fishermen.

Currently, no. Will have to test if there is a simple way to accomplish that, thanks.

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Whew boy, it's been a loooooong time since I have visited this thread. Anyway, I have recently been thinking of how I could add more decisions and actions to one of my first games I designed and thought about fishermen.

Here is a link to the one-page game rules as a refresher.

In addition to being played atop river segments to reduce the number of fish in them, fishermen can also be discard fish from the top of your deck (basically Scry from MTG).

Catch a certain number of cards from the top of your deck and put any number of them on the bottom of your deck in any order and the rest on top of your deck in any order.

  • Kings catch the top 3 cards.
  • Queens catch the top 2 cards.
  • Jacks catch the top card.
  • Also for the next version, I will be changing the rule of "Play fishermen on top of any unoccupied river segment." which only allowed one fisherman per river segment to "Play fishermen on top of any river segment with fish in it.", so that you can play multiple fishermen on the same river segment while the number of fish there is above 0.

    Yet another change for the next version is that instead of Aces always being worth 3 points as trophy fish (which the flavour almost made sense but fell just short) will now be worth 1 point like the other river segments except when caught by a fisherman where its worth 3 points. (NOW its a trophy fish)

    Any other ideas or suggestions you have are much appreciated too. Thank you!

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