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BloodstoneOCG (Cardbased, Opensource, Fantasy Warfare)

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Hello everybody,
Some of you might remember me, i have been a member of the old BGDF and I am also active on the geek, cardgameforge and on LackeyCCG. Like most of you, i have many ideas in my drawer and released some of them over the course of a few years here and elsewhere on the internet. But real-life is keeping me- just like the most of us - from finishing my games. A few month ago my wife had the brilliant idea to assemble many of my previous game ideas and make some kind of "open source game" out of it. So, this is the result. Its still a mere beginning, welcome to the world of bloodstone.

[I am copying and pasting a text from my game website, hoping to attract one or two interested people, please note that this is a free, hobbyist game developer project. Please excuse this shameless plug of mine.]

Hello World!
This blog is the centrepoint of my hobbyist boardgame creation activity. I plan this site to be a developer diary for the upcoming card based wargame called “BloodstoneOCG”. OCG means “Open card game” and is the special term for this kind of open-source project. Bloodstones are powerful artefacts and also a key feature in the game, so the name was chosen as project title.

This cardgame only exists in the internet and is played using LackeyCCG (or any other program), a free software that simulates online card play. In Bloodstone every player chooses one of many factions from a medieval fantasy world. Each player builds a deck of exactly 60 cards, containing units, heroes, artefacts, quests, magic spells, events and buildings. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by removing all cards from his deck. Armies are deployed to attack your opponent and remove his cards, or you let time do the dirty work for you and just wait until your opponent starves to death.

This game is free and open-source, wich means that players and the author alike will both be able – and are encouraged to – expand and evolve the game by creating new factions, cards, rules and even card types or victory conditions. Expanding the game can be done either way: by simply brainstorming and inventing new stuff, posting it on your website and publishing it in forums. But also by building cards according to a “Creation Codex”, a system using point allocation similar to the character creation in roleplaying games. After creating cards you can submit them to the author of BloodstoneOCG and after a review and playtesting through a group of trusted judges, your content is added to the official game database. Please note that only cards created using the official “Creation Codex” can be submitted and accepted as “Official Cards”. While any card created without the codex and without review from the author of the game is considered to be playable but “Unofficial”. Only official Cards will be integrated into the authors card database, and get their own templated design. Last but not least – only cards considered to be official are Tournament legal.

“The concept of BloodstoneOCG is absolutely contrary to the money making aspect of all collectible and trading card games currently on the market. This free game is rather meant to be a ever expanding fantasy gameworld based around a core of fundamental mechanics. True to the spirit of both wargames and cardgames alike, BloodstoneOCG utilizes the power of the internet to add one more component to the development team: The player himself.”

You can find more information about the project here:

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