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Board Game for 21st Century - Q-Z

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For centuries humankind has been developing games for challenges of all sorts. These board games have helped to develop logical thoughts and reasoning abilities across different cultures. All games follow a sportsmanship whenever we decide to take part in playing the game and obeying the rules of play. Qz is a board game that requires mental concentration in playing the game. Since the late 90’s, after giving involved in playing chess on a regular basis. Qz idea was nurtured and developed for two players with twenty pieces each on 100 squares board labeled at bottom (white side) from A to k left – right and with the letter “I” excluded from the board. The board of Qz have some space, with 60 squares between each opponent pieces. The f –file is been coloured for a special reason for the game.

Board games are a favourite for some people around the world. In Asia they are so many different versions of board games played by the Japanese, Chinese and the Vietnamese people. Some of these games still remain a tradition to them, which is shared and taught within their culture. Qz is a board game that shared some playing principles of a famous board game. Qz have a few new pieces added to make both sides having a total of twenty pieces each on the board. The battle within Qz commence over a 100 squares board with two major pieces – the wizard and the dragon, which sits next to the king and the wizard next the queen. Playing Qz carries some rules and playing methods, when maneouvering the pieces on the board. These pieces are the pawn, knight, wizard, bishop, dragon, rook, queen and the king. Some ten years ago I had introduce the game to a friend, and taught him how the game is played. What he didn’t know is that, I had develop the game and its concept. Within certain organisation, I have found out that the Qz idea is not accepted according to its rules; and to them, it does not improve their knowledge or game for chess. This I have to say, that, this is there for the taking anyone wishes to step-up to the challenge – you are most welcome.

Qz consists of 40 pieces in total across the board with 20 pieces for white and 20 pieces for black. The game has two sergeant pawns white and black sitting on squares in front there kings of the board layout. This board game brings new concepts and possibilities. I am currently trying to develop the algorithms for the game and have a simple played version on any platform.

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