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A boring job might be a good thing.

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I struggle with a boring job all day long. Really boring. It's hard to find an upside, even the pay isn't good. But in the boring and mundane activities I did finally manage to work out a concept for a tcg/ccg/lcg/ whatever that I don't hate. I'm really excited about this because as a developer I have always wanted to design my own MTV or Yugioh. This design will be taking a back seat to some other designs that are more in line with my skills at the moment but I do want to focus at least some time on this idea.....maybe I'll start a game journal.

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I have lazy tuesdays at work,

I have lazy tuesdays at work, they are great for my hobby projects! And as an added bonus I get access to Photoshop, Indesign and others.
I've just today brought some non-messy sculpting stuff here to see if I can get away with stuff like that.

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A game journal sounds like a

A game journal sounds like a great idea! Are you able to listen to something while you work? I found that audiobooks are a great way to pass the time. (This is obviously out if doing customer service.)

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I'm feeling ya!

I work in an art gallery, it gets very borning on quiet days.
I've used the time to draw illustrations for the dark lord's minion cards in my P&P rpg board game, refine and re write the rules to my dinosaur game and to write a children's story about pirates (I'm near the end and may get it published).

It may not be as much fun as some activities I could do at work while nobody's around, but it is certainly more productive and if I died tomorow at work they might find a pile of feverishly scribbled notes which might contain something worth sharing rather than a pile of photocopies of my posterior.

Keep using time productively!

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I know everyone knows the

I know everyone knows the classic example of Einstein at the patent office; it's still true though. Having something mundane and easy to occupy your time can be a good way to stimulate your creative muscle.

Two words: Shower principle.

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