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Brainstorming: Rats

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Joined: 07/28/2008

I have started to work again on my Starcraft parody called "Ratscraft" where a player lead a clan of rats that fight for the control an empty house.

Now I want to have a solid list of combat units that I will keep for the rest of the design. Since I am running out of ideas, I am making an online brainstorming to see if there is a few ideas that I could have missed. Since the theme is pretty unique, doing some "Google image" could not help at all to find some reference material.

There are 3 types of clans: Lab Rats, Wild rats, and Sewer rats. The idea is to have various ground and flying units with different attack capabilities. Take note that IT DOES NOT HAVE TO MAKE SENSE. So you can just throw out your weirdest ideas and it might get accepted. Funny ideas like word games and reference to other stuff are also welcomed.

To give you an idea, here is a rough list of unit types I had so far.

Lab Rats: Technology, Machines, etc

Teslarat (Coil Rat)
Ratatank (BattleTank)
Cyber Rat
Cloaked Rat

Wild Rats: Nature, Fantasy, etc.

Dire Rat
War Squirrels
Battle Spiders
Attack Seagulls
Scout Gliders
Nutshell Catapult
Rangerat (Archer rat)
Shell Rat
Pit Rat

Sewer Rats: Ugly, Dirty, mutated, etc

Pipe Crawlers
Junk Rats
Stinky Rat
Roaches Carrier
Ooze Rat
Squid Rat
Winged Rat
Poison Rat
Fat Rat
Were Rats

Any other ideas comes to your mind?

If you have weaponry or equipment ideas for the rat listed above, you can send them too.

Thank you for your brainstorming effort.

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Sounds Awesome I love

Sounds Awesome I love parody!

First things I thought of were Ratapults and Ratling Gun.
Rattoo (maybe a tattooed rat or something could work for the Sewer Rats)
CatRat ( a rat that has been sewn together frankenstein style with a cat)
Ratpire (vampire)
Ratotaur (minotaur)
Cheese Hoarder
Rat-ioactive (radioactive, maybe it glows or something)
Ratterfly (Butterfly)

This is fun! Ill let you know if i think of others

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Thanks for the input, I love

Thanks for the input, I love it.

Beware of the Ratling Gun.

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Rat Ideas

Lab Rats:
WheelRator (Rat in wheel who runs things over)
Rats of Nihm (smart rat)
GrappleRat (rat with thread and a paperclip, anti air)
Duck-Tape Walkers (Scaling unit utilizing duck tape traction)
LazeRat (Rat with a lazer pointer, maybe makes units easier to hit) (Nuclear Launch Detected, he he) ( Or perhaps is a counter to the half cat idea above, what can can resist following the lazer pointer)

Wild Rats:
R.O.U.S. (ala Princess Bride)
Ball-ista (ping pong paddle of doom)
Pencila-Pult (pencil ballista)
Q-Tip Archer (with option flaming Q-Tips)

Sewer Rats:
PupRat Master A summoning rat who brings back pets who were flushed to fight..., goldfish, lizards,etc
BikeRat (using the toy Motorcycle your little sister flushed out of revenge)

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Joined: 07/28/2008
laser pointers, I did not

laser pointers, I did not thought about that.

Because in my game, there are cats that guard the corridor between the rooms. They try to kill the rats when they move between rooms. So you could have a "Laser Pointer" Event card that distract some cats while the rats try to pass through.

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A few additional ideas

Here are my suggestions:

Ratman - Like Batman with the cape and all.
The ratenator - Like the Terminator.
Ratky - Instead of Rocky (the boxer).
Superat - A flying rat with muscles of steel.

Of the four, my favorite is "Ratman"...

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the rat-ler (snake) rat fink

the rat-ler (snake)
rat fink (copyright problem) but rat fink is awesome
brat( a young rat?)
aristo-rat (sophisticated)
scrat (squirrel rat)
frat(college rat)
fro-dent (lotr)

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