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Building Central Park

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Joined: 07/31/2008

Hi everyone,

this week, I was watching tv and there was a trivia show about New York.

When it got to the part about Central Park, the subject matter was really interesting.

So I got up, went to the computer and googled "central park".

That's when hit me: what a great idea for a game!

So here's a run down of the things I've come up with:

1) the first 1/3 of the game is actually getting all the land ready; yes, it means getting people out of the area. You'll have to pay a certain amount to have them removed from their space.
Once removed from the center board, they'll be placed around central park (relocated).

2) the second 1/3 will have the players survey the land for good spots to build certain monuments/buildings that are part of the actual park (although they will not be located at the exact same spots as the real layout of the park)

3) the last part will be the actual construction and landscaping. Remember the relocated people from the first 1/3? Well depending e
Where they are situated around the park, you'll have to pay extra to build your tiles on the park layout.

That's the rough sketch of what I'm going for. I've found some nice little mechanics for all the different segements of the game.

Is there anything you tho k should me in a game like this one?


ps:your commente are welcomed

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i was thinking

You need to buy/rent resources, materials & labour.

I would recommend a system such as the one used in Power grid.
Like you have a random/Fixed goods.
(Random goods as in you draw cards. these cards will add extra resources into the mix.)

Each player takes takes turns on buying/renting what they would need for the turn. When theres lots of a available resource. Then that resource is cheap. When there is no resource available. Then they are pricey.

Example of a resource chart

Labour can be auctioned off.

Anywayz, good luck.

Joined: 07/31/2008
Thanks! It sounds really


It sounds really interesting but my goal is to make a "medium weight" game.

For sure I'm going to put money, to buy off the people you eject from the site.

But the ressources, I think it's going too far what I'm aiming for....

I'll keep the idea in my back pocket!

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