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BuyIn Game

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Hello Every Body! After all I just came across to publish my Idea in detail as following:

Name: BuyIn
Players: 2-4 (more player, better)
Time: ~1hr
reference: This game is designed based upon a German game called Mensch ärgere Dich nicht (

Basic rules
• There are 4 colors;
• Each player has 4 pieces to drive to the end (the 4 same colored rooms in the end. in this game we call it the parking)
• Throw: Each player at her turn, throwing the dice.
• Move: After throwing the dice, the player has to move a piece by the number shown on the dice (clockwise), if possible. One score moves one piece one step ahead; there is no step back at all; e.g. if score is 4: one piece can move 4 steps ahead; The move cannot be skipped, else it is not possible to move (e.g. no piece in the game); each Throw moves only one piece not two or three or four; Player decide which piece to move;
• Bringing in: Player can bring one piece into the game if the score on the dice is 6;
• Prize: When the score is 6, there is a another try for the player as prize of 6; if the prize is 6, yet another try and so on(you need to move the 6 before throwing the dice again for prize)
• Hitting: There is no space for two pieces in any room; Players can hit out other players' pieces if they reach to an occupied room; There is no safe room in the board other than parking' rooms;
• Parking: if the player can move one of its piece successfully one full round in the road, it can go to parking, using its scores; players cannot go to other players' parking's.

Negotiation (Buy/Sell) rules:
• Each players' score can be negotiated(sell/buy) by other players in any form
• Each player has 160 BID (BuyIn Dollar, BI$) in the beginning. This credit will be used to sell/buy the scores;
• There is no deal free of charge
• Minimum fee for a deal is 5 BI$
• Deals' fee are 5BI$, 10BI$, 15BI$,… i.e. no 12BI$ or 13.5BI$.
• Each piece which goes to parking will get 40BI$ as prize;
• The one who send all of their pieces into the parking is done with the game.
• First player who fit all pieces in parking will gets 40 BI$ , second player 20BI$, and 3rd player 10BI$;
• If players decide to stop the game at a point, they will get 5 BI$ per piece in the parking;
• If they decide to stop the game once the first player done, still the first player will get 40 BI$ and the rest 5 BI$ per piece in the parking.

Negotiation (Buy/Sell) Samples:
• You can buy/sell 6, to bring your piece in the game; but the prize of 6 is with the owner; or you can buy/sell the prize(es) of 6 too;
• You can buy/sell the score which may hit you;
• You can buy/sell for the score to hit somebody
• You can buy/sell a score and sell to somebody by some justification.
• You can buy/sell the scores which are useless for somebody (e.g. there is no piece in the game to progress)
• Each player in their turn, legally owns its score and can sell it to other players after negotiations.
• Each score is negotiable.

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hello. to sum up (please

hello. to sum up (please correct me if i misunderstood)
its ludo (or parchisi etc) and when you score (by getting a piece home?) you can sell that piece to another player (to put in there home?).
but... if the basic rules (and i guess win conditions ) are the same as ludo i dont see why i would sell a piece i got home. why would i sell my victory points?
unless the idea is to get the most money.
i guess i dont understand why or what we are buying and selling.

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Yeah, it's Parcheesi/Trouble

Yeah, it's Parcheesi/Trouble with buying and selling of dice rolls. Interesting idea.. Can you hold a roll you've bought? Like, player 1 rolls a 4, and I buy the 4 for $10. Now Player 1's turn ends with no movement.. Do I immediately move one of my guys by 4? Or am I saving up that roll for later? If so, does that mean I get the 4 AND my own roll later? You say that I can re-sell rolls, which implies holding them, but.. that seems problematic. Maybe you have 1/2/3/4/5/6 tokens that represent rolls?

Parcheesi can take a long time to begin with (for what it is).. this seems like it would make the game take much longer, since any player can buy the roll on every single turn.

Why do you get money for winning, if the winner is the one who parks all their pieces first? Once you've done that, why do you need money?

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you cant sell your piece that has gone to your parking

Thanks Wob for the feedback,

Although from a business perspective you can sell or buy any score, but there is no point to negotiate pieces. On the other side, a piece at parking (home) is the result of several scores. Thus players may agree on that, however the negotiation on th eproce is complicated;

When you get one of your piece in the parking (home) you get an amount of money (it has been said in the
rules)and you get some money by becoming 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th. when you add up all the the scores (like he money you got in the game
from becoming 1st,2nd and... and the money you got from getting your
piece in the parking),the winner is the on who got the most money.

As this game has involved money in it, its likely that lobbying come to the picture. E.g. Player 1 & 2 do lobby to gain more or beat other. Lobbying is inevitable in this game;

Players do Sell and Buy, for different reasons: collecting more money, moving faster, beating some body, selling useless scores, and in overall trading off. This game is a perfect practice to learn negotiation on buying and selling and sensing value of money.

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Holding the move is not recommended

Thanks Joy103 for the comment,

This game is all about business/trade/negotiate/agreement based on the value of a transaction.

BuyIn is not designed to store your move for later, Cuz is makes the whole game crazy! Assume anybody can hold its move for sometime later!

Anyways part of the game is open (as business is open) upon the players agreements, and there must be many innovative ways of trading, comes by players (like what is happening is the real life), thus as long as they agree on it in the beginning its good to go! More people play it, more complicated rules/ideas comes up!

To me, though, keeping the move for later is not recommended! I.e. the basic rules of the game is saying, any dice roll has to be fully done before a new dice roll. I.e. the payer can sell it or move it, or the buyer can sell the purchased score to somebody else for any reason by new reasoning/negotiation round....

regarding the time, I played it several time with friends (by virtual money) and sometimes it took more than an hour, sometimes less. As a rue of thumb, if the players have good understanding of money, negotiation and trade, it took longer, if they are beginners/not very much linked to money, it take shorter, While, the whole time, its a real race and keep you very much involved because its about money, your skills in collecting money, etc.

The winner is not the one who takes all pieces into the parking, but the one who has more money at the end, since at the end all pieces/ranks will converted into money.

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Quote:• Winner is the one who

The winner is not the one who takes all pieces into the parking

• Winner is the one who send all of their pieces into the parking;

Just reading what you wrote.

My overall comment, then, is this: What you have here is Parcheesi (or Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, etc.), with wide open buying and selling added.

In a sense, your rulebook is this: "Play Parcheesi, but you can buy and sell any rolls you want."

I think you may not have added enough to the game to make it a sellable thing. PLAYABLE, yes. Fun? Sure. So from that perspective, thanks for sharing this idea here. But if you're posting it with intent to try to sell it, then I suspect you haven't added enough to make people buy it. It would be like devising a new card game using a standard 52-card deck. You might have a great game, but nobody's going to buy your (standard) deck for $9.95.

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I'm the boss

Just writing to tell you there is a board game called I'm the boss. It is a game that is entirely about negotiations. You may be able to get some inspiration and or terminology for your rule book from it.

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nobody's going to buy it

Hello Joy,

Thanks for feedback on the rules, I make some correction on it for more clarity based upon your comment :)

Regarding the sell-ability of the game, in fact and to be very transparent, this idea is very much intuitive and easy to have it as Parcheesi or Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, Ludo, etc. are already in the market and Money can be added to the game in-actual or virtually, then ready to go! While the focus is on the value/fun that can come out of this game.

However, on the other side this idea can have its market/turnover from different aspects:

- Mobile app + in-app purchase;
- As money is involved it could be a casino type of games
- etc.

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Im boss

Thanks Fri for the tip!
There are lots of merit in this game ...

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Joined: 10/06/2018
A Use Case

I would like to add some interesting use-cases gradually for this game. here is one:

Players: A(red),B(Blue), C(Green);
Arrangement: They have pieces all next to gather :

A has a piece in room #10;
B has a piece in room #11;
C has a piece in room #12;

Its C' turn to roll, she rolls and she get score = 1;

A ask C to buy the score for 5$; the argumentation is: with score =1 you cannot do much but I'll hit B; then we have 1 competitor out; C accepts, to sell her score (1) to A for 5;

After that, 'A' ask 'B', "If you like you can buy the score(1) from me for 10$. If you buy it, I cannot hit you and you can hit C!

'A' will convince 'B' to buy the score (1) for 10$; Then, before selling the score to 'B', 'A' think of another round of negotiation. 'A' goes to 'C', and ask her, give me 20$ then I'll sell the score (1) back to you!"

Interesting! and this practice bring lots of courage for players to get involve more and think more smartly in this game...

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