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Cadence - road racing championship; a strategic racing microgame

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T hardy
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Cadence - Road Racing Chaampioship
2 players | 45-60 minutes | Ages 12+

Wheels have the ability to spin like a tornado, making everything on top of it glide through the air. An engine can make them do that, but an engine doesn’t sweat. It doesn’t increase its heart rate. It doesn’t breathe heavily and it doesn’t give all its got!

An engine doesn’t, a rider does. Carbon frames, drop down handle bars, aluminium pedals, thin wheels and the only engine is your heart.

After weeks and months or rigorous training, you stand at the starting line of the most long awaited cycling race. Ahead of you, lie smooth roads, steep climbs and rapid descends waiting to test you to your limits. Your opponent seems tough as well.

Bums on the saddle! Hands on the handle bars! Pedal to the metal! Ready… Set… GO

Cadence is a 2 player racing game that simulates bike racing and the strategy involved in it. You are professional cycle racers going head to head on race circuit. Use your energy but save your stamina, shift gears to maximize speed, move along a race circuit with climbs and descends of different gradients, use abilities to draft or sprint and strive to reach the fish line before your opponent. It is game that uses just 18 cards to simulate bike racing still having strategic gameplay.



Rules are in the first comment of the WIP thread with a few handy diagrams.

Well, i always thought that deeper strategy war games and simulation games should have been more portable. At same time i also thought that microgames should have had more depth. So my aim was to create a strategic bike racing simulation with fairly good depth. And i'm happy to tell that i'm pretty satisfied with the end result.

The game introduces a a resource management mechanic into racing. You have 'stamina' as a resource that you can spend to get more speed but you have only 10 stamina. You can gain stamina by sacrificing your speed or energy usage per turn. Stamina is tracked and gears are shifted by a card interlocking method that uses just 2 cards.

Another objective was to simulate the sport in such a way to make players think like a biker and act like a biker. Energy and stamina are different concepts in this game. You use energy to go more distance in a turn but you lose stamina according to the energy you used. The different gears have different speeds a player can go using different amounts energy. The various abilities a player can use include 'sprinting', 'drafting', 'attacking', 'hydrating' and more.

Thanks for reading! Any and all comments/thoughts are welcome!

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Link broken

The PNP Dropbox link is *broken*... :(

Just a heads up. I took a quick look at the game and it reminded me of this game: Nitro Dice (

The way the road is layed out is very similar, each car has a gear according to a polyhedral dice (okay - that part is a *little* different). Nitro Dice was published by a fellow BGDF member: Dralius.

I'm sorry, I wasn't in a mood to read up too much of the detail. Just a quick scan and that's what popped into my mind!

T hardy
Joined: 11/09/2013
Fixed it :)

Oopsie, i fixed it. It should work now.

I have heard of Nitro Dice, never played it though. It might probably be similar. Although this game does not use dice at all. You have to chose your gears and the energy you use on the chosen gear to decide the distance you go.

No need to apologize for not reading too much of details, i'm not in that mood most of the times :P. Just glad you skimmed through and commented.

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