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Card Drafting/Set Collection/Take That Game with a Crime/Gangster theme

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Some Random Dude
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Some of you may recall my game idea “Heist” from several months ago. I’ve expanded on that idea, but I also took it a new direction and created a second game as well. Called “Heist 2.0” in my notes, this game takes card-drafting as in 7 Wonders and combines it with the set collection/scoring of Colosseum. It also gives each card special abilities to add a bit more strategy to each turn. Let me show you what I mean.

In this game, each player will draft cards in a series of rounds (3-5 starting with 9 card hands). These cards are either an Action card (one-off effects) or more commonly a “Crew” card. The Crew cards are Conmen, Thugs, Hitmen, etc. that you are trying to recruit to take part in your illegal activities (bank heists, hit squads, etc.). After this drafting is complete, players take turns performing actions on their Crew cards. Hitmen, for instance, allow you to pay money to kill another Crew. Conmen let you pay money to change the make-up of your crew somehow. Each individual is unique but they fit a particular theme for their card type.

When this phase is complete, players then pick a “Job” that they want to complete. Each Job requires a certain number of different types of Crew. If you have the Crew listed, you get paid money. For instance, there could be a “Hit Squad” Job where you need 4 Hitmen and a Boss to complete it. If you do, you get a large sum of money, but if you only had 3 Hitmen, you might still get money, just less than normal. Each Job would also have a special ability (Hit Squad would let you kill another Crew, for instance). Finally, at the end of each turn one of your Crew on that Job is “Arrested” (placed in a spot in the center of the table for Jail). The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

Let me know what you think! I'm having a blast designing cards and abilities, but I'm still wondering what he interest level would even be for a game like this.

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