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Card game about a murder... kinda...

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Hi, im a new user and i got this idea about a card game, but i cant come up with a way to solve it.

So, the idea is about a party, to which you were invited by an exentric rich guy and upon your arrival you learn its a costume party.

You change into a costume that him provides and join the party, couple hours later a shot is heard and the rich guy is found dead.

Everyone runs to get their clothes and ends up with a mix of each others clothes, and when they try to leave the mansion they found is locked and the police is on their way.

Some other guy claims he is a witness, and you eavesdrop a part of the conversation he has with a guard, but only get to know one type of clothing the murderer was wearing.

Each player knows one type of clothing, and maybe even are wearing it, but theres no clothes left, and you must trade whit other guests, because you are well-known personality and dont want to end as a suspect.

But one player is the killer and want the complete outfit, to be recognize by his accomplice the butler, to be able to leave the mansion before the police arrives.

Your deal with a hand of cards of clothing, one clue card and one identity card...

Suspects clothes cards score negative points, killer wins if he collect the set of clothes, if not the player with the most points wins.

Thats all i came up with yesterday and cant move forward. Any advice is appreciated.

Hope some of this is understandable because i'm bad at english, sorry.

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First of all, welcome to the

First of all, welcome to the forum. I'm glad you're here.

Second of all, check out these games. They might help:

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The game mechanic seems ok

The game mechanic seems ok for me, but the story seems illogical.

If the murder took place when everyone including the killer was wearing the costume, how comes the real clothes become evident?

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