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Card game featuring cursed monkeys, and magical lemurs!

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Hello, people!

For some time my friends and I have been sweating our buts off creating a card game. The game features magical lemurs, cursed monkeys and laser shooting koalas, so we think you might like it!!!
It would mean the world if you could tell us what you think about it!

Also, if you would like to support us and help us make this game a reality, we are live on Kickstarter! If you pledge within the first 24 hours of the project launching (Until September 26th 16:00 CT) you will receive a free wristband with any pledge!
Support us on Kickstarter:

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Good luck!If you don't mind

Good luck!

If you don't mind some logistics/manufacturing questions (really what interests me most about KS campaigns), how are you able to fulfill so many different little things? You have two deck sizes, plus an NSFW deck, plus wristbands, plus stickers, plus a poster, plus a comic book. Are you just buying those things from a third party uncustomized (e.g. stickers that aren't from YOUR game, just monkey stickers), or are you actually planning to manufacture all those different items?

And the different decks! I mean, you can order as low as 250 from print ninja, but.. yikes.

I'll also tell you right now that the facebook-type stretch goals you have are.. insane. I mean, you could sell 2000 copies of your game and be nowhere near 1000 facebook followers, let alone 5000. And you'd need to START at 5000 facebook followers to get to 2000 copies sold in the first place...

Personally, for my first game I got to 200 facebook likes with a stretch goal *AT* 200 facebook likes, and I had 343 backers. I think I started at 65 likes, but I also had a mailing list to get the KS moving.

I wish you the best of luck, but you might want to moderate your expectations :)

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