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A card game for those of us looking for our own Happily Ever After

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Shattered Empires
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I am designing two versions of a game I am calling Happily Ever After. The premise is that you are one of the extras that has always been in the background during all those fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Alladin. They always get their Happily Ever After and you want your chance.

There will be two versions of the game. One geared towards younger kids with a lighter more humorous feel to it, while the other will be more serious, closer to Grimms Tales and the like. Overall gameplay will be similar. Both games will be either co op or first to be Happy.

There will be a stack of location cards that will build your world. You flip a card to decide where you start your story. Could be anywhere from Beast's Castle to the Enchanted Forest to Grandmother's Cottage. Each location then has a number of random events that get placed next to them (indicated by the card) as well as a number of treasures also place face down by the location.

Players then draw from a communal deck of actions and then decide if they want to try an event from that location or if they want to explore another location. When you try an event if flips face up and has some conditions to overcome the challenge. If you cannot pass it, you end your turn. Players can try an existing challenge or new challenges at another location but you cannot do a different challenge at the same location until previous challenge has been defeated.

Rewards are things left behind by other people. Things like Red' Riding Hood. The enchanted Rose. A glass slipper.

Thoughts? This is the rough outline and still working on details.

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For a storytelling game, it's sometimes nice to be given a role. One person might dream of becoming a princess, while another might dream of becoming the ruling queen. Another could be the dastardly villain, or the hero. Each one has a different objective: a different way to earn points. Perhaps each player can choose their roles openly, or keep them hidden. You could have role-specific action cards and general action cards and some kind of consequence for revealing your role.

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