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Charge! A fast paced army building card game

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Here is the rule book for the game I have been working on. Have a read and let me know what you all think.

Assemble units to build an army. Accumulate points based on the composition of that army; the first player to 200 points wins.

-4 decks of 50 cards
-Each deck is made of 4 Archers, 3 Knights, 2 Catapults and 2 Towers
-Players will need pen and paper (not included) to keep score

Game Set Up
-Give each player a different color deck of cards.
-Each player then shuffles their deck
-Deal 15 cards face down for your RESERVE PILE
-Place 3 cards face up, side by side. These are the WORKING STACKS
-The remaining cards are the FLIP PILE. Hold onto these cards.

Game Play
-Each round start via player consensus, this typically means one players says “go”
-Flip 3 cards over, in a stack, from the flip pile. This new pile is called the FLIPPED STACK
-The cards in the flipped stack may be played either by placing them on working stacks or in the assembly area in the middle of the table
-A card may be added to a working stack if the card it is being placed on a different unit symbol and one number lower (insert picture)
-A card may be added to the assembly area as a new pile if it is a “1”, or to an existing pile if the card being played is the same unit type and one number higher
-If you can’t play the top flipped pile card, flip another 3 cards onto the flipped stack. If there are fewer than 3 cards in your flip pile, flip any remaining cards in your flip pile. When you can no longer play cards from your flipped stack, turn the flipped stack over and start again.
-Cards can be moved around within the working stacks, or they can be played to the assembly area.
-If one of the working stacks is empty, do one of the following:
-Flip a card from the top of the reserve pile to the empty working stack
-If the top card from the flipped stack is a deployment card (i.e. it has the green diamonds in the center) it can be played onto the empty working stack.
-In the rare event no one can play a card, everyone will flip a card from their reserve pile and create a fourth working stack. This new working stack is available for the rest of the round. If a player has no cards left in their reserve pile, they will use the top card from their flip pile.
-A player completes a unit by playing a deployment card to a unit pile in the assembly area. That player takes the completed unit pile out of the assembly area and adds the unit to their army.
-Play continues until one player calls “Charge!”
-To call “Charge!”, a player must have a complete army. A complete army consists of the following:
-3 Archers
-2 Knights
-1 Catapult
-1 Tower
-A player need not call “Charge!” when they collect a full army. They may continue play if they so choose. However, the player who does call charge receives a small point bonus (see scoring)
-If a player calls charge and they don’t have the required units in their army, they will receive a score penalty (see scoring)

Post Round Scoring
-Collect the unfinished units from the assembly area into one pile and set that pile to the side, waiting to be separated. This pile is called the WASTE PILE
-Collect the completed units in your army
-Take out the deployment cards and add up the face value of those cards to determine your army score
-Separate the remaining army cards by deck to determine if your army was sabotaged
-If your deck has the most cards (or is tied for the most) in your army, you are safe…whew!
-If one other player has more cards than you in your army, they have sabotaged your army. The sabotaging player receives half of your army points, rounded down. You keep the remainder
-If two or more players have more cards in your army than you, your army crumbles! The top two contributors to your army each take half of your army points, rounded down. If one point is left over, you keep it….small victories.
-However, if you contributed NO cards to your army, you are not sabotaged. Your army score is doubled!
-If you called “Charge!”, ensure you have the required units. If you don’t you are busted and you lose half your army points, rounded up. If you do have the required units, you get a five point bonus.
-Separate the cards in the waste pile. The player with the most cards in the waste pile losses 5 points. If there is a tie for the most cards in the waste pile, every tied player receives the 5 point penalty.
-Total your score for the round:
Your Army Points
(plus) Any Bonuses or Sabotaging Points
(minus) Any Penalties or Sabotaged Points
(equals) Your total round score
-Record each players score, each player gathers their cards together and a new round is started. The game ends when one player has reached 200 points or more. If two players pass 200 points in the same round, the player with the higher score wins.

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