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chess-rpg-stratego game out there?

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I m a new designer from Greece and I m just about to playtest my 2 year project which is a chess based board game (10x10 board, 6 pawns each-king,queen, knight, fool,2 pawns) with hidden pawns and rpg based battles (cards+dice rolls).
Asmodee and gigamic have already been interested.
Two questions,
1. is there a market for a game like this?
2. Asmodee has asked me to send them a prototype for playtesting, and Gigamic asked me for just the finished rulebook. What should I do to prevent my work being stolen?

Thank you in advance
Stephen Solman

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Joined: 07/22/2008
Don't worry about it.

Worry more about the fact that you're trying to date two girls at the same time.

Have you disclosed the fact that the game is being looked at by another publisher?

If a publisher like Gigamic or Asmodee asks you for anything, you give it to them. They have good reputations, you have nothing to worry about there. Worry about which one will get the proto/rules first.

Joined: 04/21/2009

Thank you for the advice...
now you got me wondering...should I mention the fact that the project is being reviewed by an other publisher or not? Remember, I m new at this :(

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I think the following

I think the following discussion will help.

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